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About Me

The little people in my house call me “Mom, Mommy, Mama, and
MO-OOOOMMYYY, although I also answer to Sarah. I am a 30 year old stay-at-home mother, wife, housekeeper, chef, chauffeur, referee, teacher, warden and many other daily jobs. I love them all!

I have been married to my husband, Jason, for 12 years and have two beautiful daughters and one amazing son. My oldest, Ashley, is 9, my middle child, Lilly, is 5 and my youngest, Zach, is 2. Between driving my oldest two to and from school, chasing around my very active toddler, taking care of daily chores, crocheting and blogging, I am very busy! 

I am originally from the small state of Rhode Island. I went to school there at Rhode Island College (RIC) and received my B.A. in Early Childhood Education.  I met my husband when he was in the Navy and stationed in Connecticut. After we were married we moved to Florida for a few months and then went to San Antonio for 3 years. We had our first daughter while we lived there. My husband then left the Navy and took a job in Indiana and we have lived here for 8 years now.

Rhode Island  -->  Florida  -->  Texas -->  Indiana
My “dream job” was always to be a teacher, or to own a daycare. I love working with the younger children. The growth that they go through in the beginning of their lives is such a joy to be a part of. Since graduating, I have worked in many different daycares and schools. With Jason in the Navy, moving around always made it hard to stay at one job for very long! 

When I had my 2nd daughter, Lilly, my husband and I had decided that I would stay at home for a little while to take care of our family. I started crocheting and have turned it into a small business that I am now blessed to do while staying home with the kids.

I hope that you all find this blog entertaining, as well as informative to read.


  1. I want to buy an Elsa hat... for a 4 year old... also, Kristina Kirby had a beannie hat with a a hole in the top for her hair... it was multi colored.... can I get three of theme for Christmas I work right beside Kristina so I could pick them up from your husband...

  2. Hi Kathy! Could you write me through FB or through email: Thanks!

  3. For the Basket weave holly stocking, could you please tell me the dimensions? Thank you!

  4. Hi Ms. Sarah, I'm interested in a few of your crochet items and would like to list them on Etsy. Would that be okay? I will give you credit and link your patterns. Thank you for your time.😊

    1. Are you meaning to use my patterns to make items to sell? That is fine, and I would appreciate you linking back to me for the patterns. Thanks!


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