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Struggles of the Toddler Bed

     The toddler bed is a big transition for any young child.  Usually, most parents don't even have to think about it until their little one has figured out how to climb out of their crib.  That's how it was with our first anyways.  With Baby #3 coming in January, though, we have needed to push Lilly a little more than normal to become a big girl.  The toddler bed and potty training, which I'll post on at some other point, are the two major hurdles that we knew we would have to accomplish.

Ashley being "sweet"

     We were watching the first Harry Potter one night and Ashley saw all the money that Harry's parents left to him in Grigott's Bank.  This is what she said next:

Hidden dog expenses

         Have you contemplated the thought of getting a family pet?  Many people want to get a dog for the companionship, and just another "person" to play and cuddle with.  I mean, who wouldn't want a  friend for life?  Someone to love you no matter what, always eager for you to get home, and always wanting to play or cuddle with you.  Many times though, most people don't think about all the costs of having a dog before they make the decision.