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Books I've been reading - Blogging

I've been really trying to learn everything I can about blogging.  It really is a business, and the best way to succeed with a business, is to read and learn everything you can about said business.

I may exaggerate a bit when I labeled this post, The BEST books about blogging.  Maybe a more accurate title would have been, The books that I could get from the library, about blogging!

The Ultimate Guide on How To Write a Crochet Pattern

I love writing crochet patterns for other people to enjoy.  I have been crocheting for many years now, and have had my "The Crocheting Mom" business for about 5 years.  About a year and a half ago, I really started getting into pattern writing and I absolutely love it.  It's a great passive income, and you can share your designs with people who need a pattern to create something, because we've all been there.  I know there are people out there wondering, though, "How can I start writing a pattern?"  So I have written this post to help you figure out the whole process.  It's really quite simple, and once you've done it a few times, it will come naturally.

3 Money Topics We Should Talk About With Our Children

Money is a big part of life.  As much as some of us may try to say it isn't, that money doesn't rule our lives, it does.  You either are trying to figure out how to get more or trying to figure out what to do with what you have, or most likely, both!

From a young age, when children start to get an allowance, birthday money or even just finding change on the street, they want to spend it.  They don't care how much they have, or even if they have enough, the second that glorious money hits their possession, they want to use it.  I'm not sure if its because it makes them feel older, being able to buy something by themselves, or just the adrenaline that they receive from getting a new item, but they want to spend it as quick as possible.  This is why it is so important to teach them at a young age the importance of saving money.

9 Crocheting Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest boards are great!  When I first started Pinterest, I just thought it was all about pinning things you found useful, and following people.  I mean, that is basically the main take away from it.  Pinterest is so much more than that though.  It can help you if your a blogger, a designer, a business person, or just the ever day person looking to get the most of it.  I've realized that becoming part of group boards are essential to getting everything you can out of Pinterest.  When you become part of a group board, you are exposed to so many more people and followers.  Your pins that come up are going to multiply, AND so will the amount of people who see yours.

How to Price Your Crocheted Items

There are so many different ways that you can price your crocheted items (or other crafty creation).  In the many crochet FB groups that I'm a part of, I see it almost daily "How much should I charge for this?"  "Is this too cheap/expensive?"  It's hard to know what to charge.  We don't want to sell something to cheap, where we could have gotten more money, but we also don't want to price it too high and then we get no bites on our products.

7 Ways To Get Your Kids To Do Their Chores!

I've written before about my children during chores in my home, but it's such an important topic I wanted to give some more tips.  I won't say it's easy, but my husband and I are trying to make it second nature for our kids. We want them to understand that having chores is just a part of being a family.  We all need to help out in the house, and as a family, we can keep the house clean.  I have created a list of different ways you can help acheive this goal.

Crochet Animal Purse Pattern Sale

I LOVE making children's animal purses!  Every time I make a new one, my children go crazy over them!  And I can see why!  I keep coming up with new animals that would be great as a purse, and they keep going gaga over them.

It's not just my children either!  Last year I started selling them at my craft fairs, and I sold out!  They are easy to make, so I can make up quite a few before said craft fairs.  The kids love coming to my booth because they see so much color.  When they lay their eyes on the purses, they give their parents those pleading eyes.  Basically, they are great sellers!