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National Bubble Bath Day

Today is National Bubble Bath Day.  Did you know that existed?  I sure didn't!  Tell me you don't want to hop into that tub right now, close the door, close your eyes, and just R E L A X. USA, LLC
Let's take advantage of this day.  Let it be our excuse to finally take some time for ourselves.  This is for doing three loads of laundry every day(even if it's the same load because it doesn't get put in the dryer in time).  For cooking three meals each day (hey ordering out counts right?)  For being a child wrangler, and referee.  For cleaning the floors for the second time in a day because the dog just came in with muddy feet.  For being a teacher to your children and a loving partner to your husband.   Whatever your reason, I'm sure is extremely justified.  As mothers we don't often take time for ourselves.  So let's do it, on National Bubble Bath Day.

Here are some pictures for your entertainment!