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Pumpkin Carving!

     One of the staples of October for my girls, has always been carving pumpkins.  We have done it with Ashley, every since she was a baby sitting in her Bumbo.  Of course then she didn't contribute much, but she sure did love playing in the bowl of pumpkin guts!  So every year after, we made it a tradition, as most families do, to carve a pumpkin.  

The Darker Side of Potty Training

     With the upcoming baby, I really want my youngest to get potty trained before the due date.  She just turned two in June, so I knew it may be hard at such a young age.  I am determined to have her as independent as possible by the time January comes.      First, I would like to state a clear advisory about this post.  It contains "potty" talk.  As moms, we are all used to this, talking about our kids and their bathroom attempts, so really, it comes second nature to me.

Wow Cup! Review

     If you are a parent of a toddler, you know the struggle of sippy cups.   Sure, they are advertised as spill proof, but are they really?  If you are like me, you've gone through a variety of brands that just don't seem to work great.  Either the child figures out how to manipulate the spout to make milk come out, or likes to shake it upside down to make it "rain".  How about the dreaded instance when she throws the cup down, so she can see a white puddle form at the base of the table?  All of these situations are definitely not ideal.   Don't even get me started about the fear of giving your toddler a milk cup in the car!  Who wants spilt, smelly milk, all over your upholstery?  I sure don't!