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3 Apps That My Kids Love

Children, at an early age, seem to be very curious about Mommy and Daddy's phones.  Rightly so, since we are always on them, talking, writing, or just playing a game that makes cool sounds!    I have had the same phone for about three years now, as well as many of the same toddler apps.  There are a few that both Ashley, and now Lilly, especially like, that I don't think is a waste of their time.  I am going to pick three today to discuss.

1.  Peek a Boo Barn - This is the only app that I will talk about that I have paid for.  There is a "lite" version, but it only has 3 animals on them, sorry I can't remember which ones!  The paid version, a one time fee of $1.99, has 13 animals, and well worth it.  This is by far my favorite toddler app that I have.  In the background during the game you hear a upbeat musical rendition of Old McDonald Had a Farm that you can't help but start singing too.  Game play is just a barn that starts to shake, while one of the hidden animals makes their noise.  The child has to guess which animal is behind the doors, then you just tap the barn and it opens to the one animal, and a cute little voice says the name of the animal, with the word written up in the corner.  The child taps the barn for it to close, and then another animal starts to make it's noise.  The animals that are in this game are: cat, goat, cow, dog, donkey, duck, rooster, sheep, chicken, rabbit, horse, pig, mouse.  Another good thing to note, there are other languages that can be chosen such as spanish, french, german and more!  This app teaches cause and effect, animal recognition, and beginning sight words.

2.  Shapes - This one is by Toddler Teaser, and has a four sections ALL about shapes.  It is an extremely repetitive app, but not so much that it's boring.  The shapes that this app teaches are: star, circle, square, rectangle, crescent, diamond, heart, hexagon, and oval. The first section is "Quizzing."  This is very simple for toddlers to practice their knowledge of shapes.  It says "Touch the (shape)."  If the wrong shape is touched it simple says, "Try again." The second section is flashcards.  Your child can just swipe through them and listen to the word of each shape.  The next section is called "Toy Box."  These are basic games that involve the shapes. For example, one of the games is just popping the balloon and a shape will fall out as its name is said.  The last section is called "Puzzle" which is basically just clicking on the shape that the app says.  This app has three short stories about shapes also that are cute.  Changing the language is an option in this app as well.

3.  Nursery Rhymes for Kids - This app is newer for me, but my 19month old loves it.  It sings well known nursery rhymes with an animation and words to sing along with.  It's pretty simple but the best one for free I've seen so far, in terms of quality.  The only thing is it costs $1.99 for two extra songs, and there are 3 packs, which I'm thinking about doing because one of them  is Twinkle Twinkle and that's her favorite!

What are your favorite toddler apps?