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My Beautiful Girl Turns 6

     Yesterday was  my oldest daughter's birthday.  My beautiful Ashley.  We were so excited to have children and were in love with you the second you were born, even from the second we found out we had finally started a family!  Our love for you has only grown over the years, and will continue to do so.


     My oldest, almost 6 years old LOVES Barbies.  I'm serious.  Anytime we are in a store, it doesn't matter what it is, she will find something with Barbies and start trying to get us to buy it.  It could be a shirt, a ball, shoes, a backpack, dolls, accessories or anything else.      I don't really know how this phase started for her.  She was our awesome little tomboy most of her life, up until she turned 5.  She loved playing sports like soccer, football, or anything with a ball!  She loved comics, especially Iron Man.  I even spent a whole summer crocheting her an Iron Man blanket that fits her full sized bed!  She loved it!  Needless to say, when she told me 6 months later that she didn't want the Iron Man blanket anymore because it was too boyish, I was a little bummed.

Ice Cream Man!

     It's the dreaded sound for all parents.  When you hear that gut wrenching music, you know what's coming next.      "ICCCCEEEEE CREEEEAAAAMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

How I Broke The Baby News

         Baby number 3 is now on the way to our household.  My husband and I found out we were pregnant about a month before our vacation.  We decided it would be fun to tell my side of the family in person, instead of them finding out through facebook.      To do this, we had to be very careful if we decided to tell anyone.  That meant, ASHLEY WAS NOT TO KNOW!  She has such a big mouth.  If we told her right away, she would've let it slip.  She is the worst secret keeper, LOL!  Unfotunately, we did have to tell her the day before we left on vacation.  I think she would've figured it out when I took her to the doctors with me and saw the ultrasound.  So we told her, and pleaded with her not to tell anyone until we said it was okay.

Trip to the Zoo

     June 2nd was my youngest daughter's birthday!  My precious baby Lilly is now two years old.  On her first birthday we took her to the Indianapolis Zoo, and that was something I really wanted to do again this year.  It looked as though it was going to rain, so I was super bummed out.  We looked and looked for different solutions for her special day, but nothing seemed as fun for her.  We had a back up plan, but were crossing our fingers that the weather would hold out for us.

A Letter To Lilly On Her Second Birthday

       Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet baby, Lilly.  Although, I really can't call you a baby anymore can I?  You are growing into such a big girl and I couldn't be any more proud of you.      You are known for being the sweet baby.  While walking in stores, you wave to everybody as we walk by.  You give them a smile, and I like to believe, really make their day.  Even when they don't wave back, you don't let it phase you.  You just continue on and wave at the next person you see.  You're innocence is so amazing and I hope that you stay the sweet little girl who likes to make people smile.  It warms my heart to see you truly happy.  The smile on your face, gets me to smile every single time.  Even when you are misbehaving, you just give me that smile, accompanied by the cute little head tilt, and it's so hard to stay mad at you for long.  You are a goofball, and I love it.

Garage Clean Up

     Here it is, our garage.      I wouldn't be surprised if it's the messiest one on the block!  And trust me, when we have it open, I'm slightly embarrassed at how much crap we have in here.  It's not just the amount of crap, but how unorganized it is!