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Shark Tank

I love watching Shark Tank.  It's a great show.  I always tend to put myself in the seats of the judges.  Would I bite on that business or not?  There are definitely some that make me wonder how they even got on the show though.  Like the other day I saw one with a fake phone.  They said its the Pet Rock of our time.  I mean really?  Mostly, though, I'm sitting there thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?", or " What can I create?" These entrepreneurs just found a problem, and solved it with new items.

Crochet Memes

I love these crochet memes.  I'm just going to leave them right here so you can enjoy them all as well! 

No Sugar Meal: Nachos

In a previous post I talked about our decision of trying to cut out as much sugar as possible from our diets.  One of our favorite meals has been Nachos.  We don't look at the calories anymore, just the sugar intake.  You can purchase all these ingredients with no sugar, you just have to look.  I can buy all this stuff at our local grocery store, but if for some reason you cant, then any of the "organic" type stores (Lucky's, Trader Joes, etc..) should have them.  Even my extremely picky 7 year old loves this meal!

Proud Mama: No more pull-ups!

I'm pretty laid back when it comes to potty training.  At least I have been with my middle child, Lilly.  I had my third baby when she was 2.5 so although it would have been nice to have her in underwear, I really did not have the time, or energy, to get her potty trained. We tried here and there at first, and she kept having accidents.  Finally, she was pretty much potty trained soon after she turned 3, and was entering school.  From day 1 at school, she was in underwear.  The teachers were fine with it which was great.  She had a few weeks where she had a couple of accidents, but soon we were finally there.