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Home Made Play Dough

     There are a ton of recipes online for home made play dough.  I am personally not a fan of the stuff.  I hate how it gets all crumbly and makes a mess everywhere!  That stuff hides and has legs of its own!  It seems to show up, in all the rooms, days after it was played with.  So, needless to say, I have never used any of the recipes before.
     When I came across this recipe online, it intrigued me.  It is made with only 2 ingredients and did not have to be cooked like some of the other ones.  I said, "Okay, I'll bite."  As always, for the sake of my children's enjoyment, I decided to try this one out.

Melissa and Doug

It calls for:
1 part conditioner
2 parts corn starch
*optional food coloring to make it pretty!*

     Depending on the conditioner, you may have to add a little extra to get a good consistency.  I will have to try this recipe out again in the future because I feel like I could have gotten a lot better result if I played around with it more.  That being said, it came out pretty good and my children had fun with it!  Maybe it was the way I made it, but it did not have the feel of playdough, because it broke apart pretty easily when you pulled it.  It is definitely moldable still, and can be smoothed out to create fun things!  The food coloring does not come off onto their little hands either, which is a plus!
     I did a cup of cornstarch, to half a cup of condition and got two smaller balls  with it.  Next time I will probably double it so I can make more colors for them.
Lilly mostly enjoyed just pulling it apart into little pieces (after I had to quickly stop her from putting it into her mouth!)  I would roll it into a ball for her, and she was just fill the plate with the pieces.  As you can see from the picture, it does leave a slight residue where it sat on the plate, but again, that could be because of the amounts I used.  
Ashley made a little snow lady.  She was trying to make your traditional snowman, but when she could not figure out how to make a hat she improvised and made hair to make it a girl!  She really enjoyed this and played with it for a much longer time then Lilly did. USA, LLC

     To store it, I wrapped each ball up tightly in plastic wrap, and then put them into an airtight container.  A day later and it is still easy to use, slight more crumbly but with added conditioner in the beginning I'm sure this would have not happened.  This is a great idea for snowy days or rainy summer days!  It could also be used as a birthday gift if you are low on cash.  Just get a nice clear mason jar, or something similar, and tightly wrap up each color.  Not only would it be a good birthday present, but maybe you could even make them as birthday party favors by putting them nicely in Ziploc baggies!  
     I had fun making/playing with this dough with my children.  I will be trying out different types now to see which one works best for my family.