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Pizza X Cups

     We have a pizza place in town called Pizza X.  We usually get the combo that includes two drinks, which are delivered in plastic reusable cups.  If you have a Pizza X in your area, I'm sure you have some of these cups lying around.  We have accumulated around four dozen since we moved here, 4 1/2  years ago.  We joke that we have "classy" drinkware in our house.  These cups are especially great if you have little ones.
     Anyways, like I said, we have many of these cups filling our cupboard.  The other day we decided to go through them and only keep two of each color.  The rest we gave to the girls to play with.  
They have made many varieties of towers.  Or should I say, Ashley makes the towers, and Lilly knocks them down.  Lilly will walk around the house just pretending to drink out of them, and then leave them in random spots for me to find (I found one next to the shoes the other day).  Ashley likes to take three, put a ball under one, and play the game where she mixes them up and I have to guess which cup the ball is under.  Today I showed Ashley how to even bowl with them!  The girls have been bringing them from room to room to play with, upstairs and down.

Melissa and Doug

     If we get snow again, which I'm hoping against, I bet Ashley would love to use them to make "snow castles" outside!  Who knew plastic cups could be so much fun for a 19 month old and a 5 year old!

Pizza X Cups
Lilly put her bottle in the cup.  Now she looks like a big kid drinking out of it.

Pizza X Cups
Ashley continues to make many different towers.

     Do you do anything fun with your Pizza X cups?