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Crocheted Monster Pants!!!

     I love to crochet.  Obviously, I am The Crocheting Mom after all!  Up until recently though, I've gotten my patterns from other people.  Then I started to figure out my own way to make things, but never really wrote it down.   I've had people ask me before for my patterns, but they were written in scribbles, or my notes on the computer, in a sequence that only I would be able to understand.  Until now.  These past few months I've started to create my own patterns.

Three Children Can't Be That Hard.....Right?

For me, having one baby was easy.  Then, the transition from one child to two children was also extremely do-able.  So, I figured, adding one more to the mix would be a breeze! Boy was I in for a wake up call when I had my third!!!!

How to Make a Pom Pom

         There are a lot of reasons you may need to make a pom pom.  They are cute accessories you can add to any craft project that you may be doing.  I make them often with my crochet projects.  Here are a few of my items that I have added pom poms to.      Notice that there are all different sizes though.  I have a couple of different ways in which I go about making these pom poms that can create different styles and sizes.  

Fit Bit Flex

We did it. We jumped on the bandwagon and bought into the new healthy lifestyle hype.  My husband and I purchased Fitbit Flex's for ourselves.