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Business Name Change

     I have been asked a few times why I decided to change the name of my business.  The short answer; we needed to expand, simplify the name and make ordering more efficient.

Long answer...

     I started crocheting under the name 'Wrapped In Love'.  I started making hats, baby blankets and scarves; all things that you can be wrapped in.  The name was fitting for my business at the time.  Unfortunately, the name was already taken on Facebook.  I chose 'Creations by Wrapped in Love' intending on still going by Wrapped in Love.  This is not how it played out though.  I soon just referred to it as 'Creations', which was far from what I wanted when I started.  I kept this name for a few years, knowing down the road when I was ready to expand, I would change it.

Cabled Baby Blankets

     I wanted to get a blog started that would also incorporate my online shop.  The shop will make it easier for people to order and pay for my current designs and submit custom designs (which is coming soon!).

     As part of redesigning my business plan, I change my name, created a blog, created a web store, and engage more on multiple social networks.  The blog includes topics about crocheting, parenting, day to day life, and education/child development.

     In the past, when I was trying to think of a name, I never came up with anything that I was in love with.  The day my husband and I started working on this change, 'The Crocheting Mom' came to me and it was perfect.  It explained who I was and it was definitely a lot easier and shorter to say then Creations by Wrapped in Love.

     I hope everyone enjoys my blog posts, and please, feel free to comment!