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Ninja Course For the Win!

I've said it before, COVID ruined our summer plans!  We had plans to vacation back east to visit family.  We had the girls signed up for sport camps all through the summer.  And we had plans to throw in some day trips such as the pool, the Children's Museum, and the Zoo.  ALL of those plans were canceled.  All those fun summer days, were just a sad memory of what could have been.  Now my children can't seem to find ANYTHING to do but be on their electronics.   Well we had to put a stop to that! 

The Most Important Things To Do When You Setup for a Craft Fair

Going to craft fairs are important for your business.  There are many things that you learn from being out and about with potential customers.  Because of how important they are, you really need to make sure that you go about it the right way.  There are lots of tips and tricks I've learned about setting up for the perfect day at a craft fair.  If you follow these, then I am sure you will be successful. 

My Path To Becoming A Teacher

My path to teaching was a long one.  Most of the time, from what I've seen, it's not super hard to get into the profession.  Often times, you can get offered a position at the school where you student teach, or at least get a recommendation from your principal to a school in the same district.  What happens when you're moving around though?  My husband was in the military, so I wasn't in one place for long during these important years.  

15 Year Anniversary Sale

My husband and I have been married 15 years on July 26th 2020.   15 years!!  To some, that may seem like a short time, but to us, we're proud of that number.  15 years later and we are blessed with 3 amazing children ages 12, 8 and 5.  I want to celebrate this milestone with everyone!  Therefore, I am offering 50% off all my patterns from July 21st-July31st.  The code for this is:  HAPPYANNIVERSARY Here is my Ravelry Store:

Metal Detector Fun for the Kids!

My daughters both have June birthdays, and this year they turned 12 and 8!  Where has the time gone?  With everything going up in flames this year, and everything closing, we had to cancel our summer trip back to Rhode Island.  We can't do many of the fun things we would've done such as birthday parties, The Children's Museum , the Indianapolis Zoo, or even the public pools.  We wanted to get the girls something that would get them outside.  We wanted it to be exciting for them and something that (GASP) they could do together! 

The 8 Top Ways To Get Cheap Yarn!

We all love crocheting, and we all love yarn.  We love looking at yarn, feeling yarn, daydreaming about yarn, and most importantly trying to figure out how to get MORE yarn!  Crocheting wouldn't be crocheting without yarn.  So it is absolutely essential.  Yarn can get pricey though. If you're not careful, you can accidentally spend your whole grocery budget on yarn.  OOPS!!  I have compiled the best ways to get your yarn cheaper.  Cheaper yarn, if you sell your crochet items, means a bigger profit.  So read this list carefully and try out some of these ideas! 

Our Current Favorite Family Games

We are a very competitive family.  We play at lot of games in our household, whether it's card games, board games, mind games or physical sport games.  Playing games as a family is fun, and I think it brings us together.  When we're playing games, we're not locked into electronics, doing our own thing away from the rest of the family.  When we're playing games, we're all together, using our mind, being creative and having fun being with each other.  Games are fun, and are a great family activity. 

9 Back To School Crochet Items Your Student Actually Needs!

As my kids get older, I worry about them actually wanting to have crocheted items.  When it comes to school items, the ones that I usually see are ones that aren't really useful for kids these days.  I have seen some great ones though, and wanted to put them all together in a post. 

Best Selling Crochet Items For a Fall Craft Fair

I love doing craft fairs.  It's so fun for an artist to actually be out and interacting with her future customers.  Being able to talk with them, and see which items they gravitate towards is so useful in my business.  I can see, and hear, first hand, their thoughts on different products.