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FREE Giraffe and Dino Freeze Pop Holder Pattern

A couple of years ago I had designed, and published for free, a pattern for a basic Freeze Ice Pop Holder.  It's simple, yet super useful.  My kids NEVER eat an ice pop with out one now.  It keeps their little hands from getting too cold.  I probably made 6 or so for my own kids, and we still have most of them.  The only reason we "lost" a few was because they accidentally get thrown away, or left outside. I wanted to make some new updated ones, so I decided to make some that fit their personalities and were their favorite things/animals.  First up, my son.  He's all boy through and through and he loves many things.  I decided to make him Dinos (which he told me later that I picked the wrong colors) and giraffes (one of his favorite animals).

Crochet and COVID

COVID-19 has really giving us a lot of time that we were not expecting.  I'm so used to only being able to sit down and relax for maybe 45 minutes a day.  My days are usually filled with teaching and then driving my kids around to whichever activity they had that night.  It's such strange concept that we "HAVE" to stay home.  I mean seriously, I would often have to fill my gas tank up twice a week!  I filled up my tank 5 and a half weeks ago and I JUST filled it up this morning!  That's crazy!! Anyways, I've had a lot more time on my hand to spend with my children, husband, work on the house, and of course, crochet!  Soooo..what am I crocheting??