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Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites

      I got to try another great items thanks to BzzAgent. The Special K Moments, indulgent snack bites, arrived at my door and I was excited to try them out, as always.         They claim that these are 3 bite snacks and are only 70 calories.  If you are looking for something small that's sweet and can cure the common sweet tooth, then these are your snacks!  The are small, in my opinion only 2 bites, snacks that are quick to eat, without the guilt of consuming a lot of calories.  I've tried them both, and they both have the consistency of a rice krispy treat, airy and light.  I enjoyed both flavors.  The caramel pretzel bites had a great sweet and salty combination, while the dreamy coconut flavor had more of a rich sweetness.  

Toddler Bed Adventures

     My husband and I have decided that when we do have another child, we are going to put the girls in a room together with a bunk bed.  I figured it was a good time to start getting Lilly used to sleeping on a regular bed, and not in her crib.  Ashley figured out how to get out of her crib when she just turned 2, so it's bound to happen with Lilly soon anyways.   With Ashley, though, she had been in daycare, and was used to sleeping on cots.  Although she still enjoyed the fact that she was able to get up and play in her room, she was able to get the concept of not getting up, pretty quick.

Doctor's Visit Fun

         Your kids have fun at the Dr.'s office too right?  Is that weird?  I mean, it's not like she was going to be getting a shot (she made sure before we went).  My kids are very creative, with what little they may be given, and can make any situation fun!

Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza

     As a member of BzzAgent, I have received a free Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza for free, to try and then review.  From what I understand, those on a gluten free diet, are not allowed anything made with wheat, which includes pizza dough, until now.  Now Freschetta has come up with a way for people who want to, or have to, live a gluten free life, to still enjoy a slice of pizza.  Because who doesn't love pizza right?


     This weekend my daughter had her first sleepover!  She didn't go to someone else's house though, she had a friend come to ours.  It was also her friends first time ever having a sleepover, and it went great!    Her friend came over earlier because they had a fitting for their cheer uniforms that I needed to take them too.  My big thing, was I wanted to make sure that they had a good time, and her friend wouldn't be sad being away from her family.  There was a lot of playing outside, and then inside, and then outside again.  They watched movies, and played hide and seek.  They seemed to be go, go , go all day long.  After they had their cheer fitting, I took them to the playground so they could run around even more.  They had a blast!

Nutrisystem Review

     For lent this year, my husband and I went on Nutrisystem , so basically we gave up food!  My husband had done it the previous year for a few months, and had good results, so both him and I decided to do it again for a few months.  First of all, if you are going to do it, you might as well commit to  at least two months.  They make it cheaper if you sign up for automatic renewals, which means a second  month must be added.  

BIC Soleil Glow Razors

     I am a member of BzzAgent, who graciously give me free items in exchange for a reviews.  This time, I gladly received a 3 pack of BIC Soleil Glow razors .  I alway like receiving these types of items, because, as most people probably do, you find one you like and stick with it.  This forces me to try other brands and see what else is available to me!

Mother's Day

     I hope all you wonderful mothers had a great Mother's Day this past Sunday.  It was a beautiful day here in our town, perfect for any outdoor adventure!      I woke up and my daughter gave me some pretty bracelets that she picked out at the store with Daddy.  I also received lots of art from her that she made at school, and a nice flower!  I was excited for the flower.  Last year I kept my Mother's Day flower alive all summer!  Normally plants do not last that long in my care.

I'll Love You Forever

While putting Ashley to bed: Ashley:  I love you forever, Mommy. Me:  I love you more. Ashley:  No you don't, I'll love you longer because you'll die before me.....but I don't want you to die...I want you to stay the way you are right now. LOL!  That was her trying to make up for talking about me dying.  How sweet, Ashley.

Slow Down Your Dogs Eating

     Ever since we got our dog, Daisy, she has been a fast eater.  I've seen dogs eat quick before, but this is crazy.  I swear she doesn't even chew her food.  It's gone in about 10 seconds.  We got her from the pound when she was 2, so maybe she didn't get much food before.  Who knows what her life was like.  Maybe she had to fight for food, so the quicker she ate it, the more she would get.  Or maybe, she's just a fast eater.

Why I Love My Town

         I love the town that I live in.  There really are many reasons for this, in particular, all the activities and events that I can do with my family.  I have been here for four years, and am pretty sure I have not seen everything this town has to offer yet.  Between museums, plays, parks, trails, activities put on by the town, and more, this town is a fantastic place to raise your family. 

Get Caught Reading Month

     Although it important to encourage reading year round, May is the official Get Caught Reading Month.  The campaign was started in 1999 and supported by the Association of American Publishers.  It began in order to remind people how much fun it is to read, no matter what the material.  Reading is reading, whether is the newspaper, a fiction novel, non-fiction, magazines or even comics.  Exposure to language at a young age, reading alone and being read to, has been scientifically proven to stimulate brain growth in children.   Also it gives them an advantage over their peers when it is time for them to start school.

New England'isms

         My home state is Rhode Island.  No, it's not part of New York, no it's not the same as Long Island.  It is it's only little state on the east coast, which is part of New England.  Since the states there are so tiny compared to most, we are all very similar, and often it's just easier saying I'm from New England (even though I still get people questioning me about living in England when I say that!)      New England is known for the Red Sox, Patriots, a faced pace of living, old buildings and a beautiful landscape.  It is also known for a way of speaking, and living that is not like the rest of the country.  I call these New England'isms.   I have been out of New England for about 9 years now.  I still get frustrated when people do not know what I'm talking about.  Some things are second nature to me, and it is odd to me that I have to explain them to people.  Here is a list of different New England'isms that I have compiled.

Harry Potter Teaching Life Lessons

     While driving to school I was letting Ashley know that we were going to the dealership when I pick her up, so that they could give us an estimate on the trade in value for our car (we're planning on purchasing a new one soon). She didn't understand banks at first, but she eventually got it.

Mother Goose Day (May 1st)

        May 1st is National Mother Goose Day, a holiday I wished I'd known about when I was teaching toddlers.  I've always known, and celebrated with my classes, Dr. Seuss' birthday.  If I had known there was a national day to celebrate all the fantastic rhymes by Mother Goose, I'd be able to make a whole lesson out of it!  I've done nursery rhymes as a monthly theme, but having it in May and adding in a little more about Mother Goose would have made the lesson even better in my opinion.