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Crocheted Pig Hat for Carson's Catering & BBQ

About two months ago I had attended a craft fair.  I was approached about making a pig hat for a business.  The man who owns "Carson's Catering & BBQ" was looking for something fun to wear, that wasn't girly.  Let's face it, most pigs are pink. So we chatted about colors and decided on making an orange pig, with some black (which matched his business colors). This is what I came up with.

I started with the basic earflap hat in orange with black accents.  Then I added ears which were turned down, a snout filled with Poly-fil for a 3-dimensional look, and two black buttons for eyes.
Then I thought it would be fun to add a little curly tail to the back of the hat.
Finally, I added the name of the business to the back as well.
Now the owner can wear a great promotional product for his business, and it's not girly at all!

By the way, Carson's Catering & BBQ is located on the eastern edge of Ellettsville, Indiana and they have WONDERFUL food!  Even my two "picky eaters" ate it up!