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Chores for Young Children

     I have been so busy lately with crocheting and blogging, that my housework has fell to the wayside.  Today I thought, "I'm going to put everything down, and just clean while my oldest is at school."

     Ya, right.

     About an hour in, (hey I did an hour straight at least!) I thought of a new blog idea.  I was thinking about how I wished Ashley was home so she could help me clean.  She's only five, but at that age children should have chores that they do regularly, as well as helping with general cleaning around the house.  When this thought occurred to me, I was doing laundry (my least favorite chore) and was thinking about how she just learned how to "fold" socks.

Melissa and Doug

     I then started thinking how I bet a lot of people probably don't realize all of the chores that young children can do around the house to help out the family.  My husband and I are very adamant that Ashley, and now Lilly, have things to do to help out.  We want them to take pride in their house, and to learn how to organize and clean early on.

Ashley's chores (Five and half years old)
     I split Ashley's chores into two categories.  The first are ones that she is required to do daily (or so we hope).  These include:

  • clean up and organize shoes on shoe rack
  • make her bed
  • clean up her table after each meal
  • keep the coat closet organized (the floor tends to get filled with all her school items and winter accessories)
  • sweep under the table where her and her sister eat
  • put away her clothes once I have sorted them for her
  • make sure her bathroom sink is cleaned (no dried toothpaste stuck to it) USA, LLC

     The second set of chores are optional for Ashley.  She earns money for each one (usually a quarter or two).  When she gets money for these chores though, she has to put half of her earned money into a "bank" in the cupboard for her to save, and the other half is for her to spend.  She is only allowed to do these once, maybe twice, a week.  If I let her do them whenever, I'd be broke!

  • pick weeds in the front flowerbed (weather permitting)
  • get a wet rag and wipe down baseboards (upstairs and downstairs are two different items)
  • get a wet rag and wipe down all floor cabinets (bathrooms, and kitchen)
  • get a wet rag and wipe down all doors (unfortunately she can only reach half of it!)
  • get a wet rag and wipe down all the window sills
  • sweep the whole downstairs
  • mop the downstairs (She has just started this one.  At our home, it just includes a using a spray bottle to wet the floor, and then using a special mop to clean the floors)

Lilly's chores (20 months old)
     Lilly is starting to get to the age where she is capable of a few "chores" here and there.  They aren't really things that has to be done everyday but enough for her to learn that she has responsibilities as well
  • help her sister bring shoes from the door over to the shoe rack
  • give our dog treats
  • throw pieces of trash away 
  • help clean up her toys
  • help mommy bring clothes to the washing machine, and then move the clothes from the washer to the dryer (only an option if you have front loaders)

     What are some of the chores that you have your children do?


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