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Free Messy Bun/ Ponytail Hat Contest!

*****CONTEST TIME******

I went to Joann Fabrics this morning (DEC 15th) to buy more yarn to fulfill orders. To win a free Messy Bun/Ponytail Hat simply comment on the FB post with how much you think I spent (after sales, coupons and tax) and the closest guessWINS

Crochet Security Blanket pattern

I was asked to make a lovey blanket, about half the size of a regular baby blanket.  She wanted it for her little one to be able to carry around, without tripping over, or so big it dragged all over the ground.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful..

If you know me at all, you know I love Christmas.  I love Christmas so much that I tend to get so excited for it, and phase over Thanksgiving.  I do this, but in all reality, I have a great deal to be thankful for.

Mommy Fail

I have a big MOMMY FAIL to admit.  I'm sure I'm not the only one out there.  I can't be.  The teacher in me is surprised at myself actually.  But here it is.

Crochet Tiger Hat Pattern - FREE!!!

If you have a preschooler, you have probably heard of the infamous Daniel Tiger.  I have to admit, it's actually a really cute show.  The song is catchy, and an homage to the well loved "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood."  There are not many patterns out there for this adorable character so I decided to make one up on my own. 

Questions for a new Babysitter

Are you trying to find a new sitter?  Are you trying to figure out some good questions to ask?  Everybody's situation is always a little different but maybe my questions will help you out.

When your toddler is sick......

My 21 month old son was sick last week. He had a low fever the first 3 days of which I really didn't even notice unless I was hugging him because his body was so HOT.  He acted fine though!  He was running around and eating like nothing was wrong.  I called and the nurse line at the doctors office and they said to call back in a few days if he still has it. The nurse just said he was fighting something off and it's body is doing what it needs to.  I could give a little tylenol or ibuprofen to help the fever, but there wasn't any concern at all.

Christmas Stockings

I got an order for a pair of Christmas stockings for two little girls.  The customer wanted me to match the size of ones that she had already made for herself and husband.  So I went searching online for options, and together, we decided on this style:

FREE Crochet Unicorn Pattern!!!

How cute is this little unicorn?  I had a customer ask me if I could make one for her and she showed me a few pictures of what she was looking for.  She wanted something small enough to go on top of a diaper cake, but still big enough for a baby to grow and cuddle with.  This is what I came up with.  I don't often share patterns like this for free, but it's just so cute that I wanted everyone else to enjoy in the magic of this Unicorn! So here's my FREE Crocheted Unicorn Pattern.  If you would like to buy this already made you can here at MY STORE.

Shark Tank

I love watching Shark Tank.  It's a great show.  I always tend to put myself in the seats of the judges.  Would I bite on that business or not?  There are definitely some that make me wonder how they even got on the show though.  Like the other day I saw one with a fake phone.  They said its the Pet Rock of our time.  I mean really?  Mostly, though, I'm sitting there thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?", or " What can I create?" These entrepreneurs just found a problem, and solved it with new items.

Crochet Memes

I love these crochet memes.  I'm just going to leave them right here so you can enjoy them all as well!

No Sugar Meal: Nachos

In a previous post I talked about our decision of trying to cut out as much sugar as possible from our diets.  One of our favorite meals has been Nachos.  We don't look at the calories anymore, just the sugar intake.  You can purchase all these ingredients with no sugar, you just have to look.  I can buy all this stuff at our local grocery store, but if for some reason you cant, then any of the "organic" type stores (Lucky's, Trader Joes, etc..) should have them.  Even my extremely picky 7 year old loves this meal!

Proud Mama: No more pull-ups!

I'm pretty laid back when it comes to potty training.  At least I have been with my middle child, Lilly.  I had my third baby when she was 2.5 so although it would have been nice to have her in underwear, I really did not have the time, or energy, to get her potty trained.

We tried here and there at first, and she kept having accidents.  Finally, she was pretty much potty trained soon after she turned 3, and was entering school.  From day 1 at school, she was in underwear.  The teachers were fine with it which was great.  She had a few weeks where she had a couple of accidents, but soon we were finally there.

Evil, Evil Sugar!

A while ago, my husband and I went to see Kevin Smith at a comedy show.  He was there to make people laugh, of course, but surprisingly, he also made people think about their health.  He took us on his journey of weight loss.  I don't know if you've noticed, but he has lost quite a bit of weight!  It was pretty simple how he did it too.  He stopped eating sugar.  That's it.  Taking sugar out of his diet made him a healthier, leaner person.

Making $$ While Staying Home

Being a stay at home mom is great!  I love being with my babies, and being able to take care of all of the family stuff.

I try to help make a little money any way I can to help out.  I'm pretty busy throughout the day with one thing or another, so I needed to find something that I can pick up at any time of the day to work on.  I have my crocheting business, but sometimes, when it's slower, I wanted to have something else that I could do.

FREE Mickey Mouse Glove Applique Crochet Pattern!!

Recently, I've been making different characters into Easter/Halloween baskets.  I have an order for a Mickey Mouse one and I wanted to add some gloves to it.  I went to look for a basic pattern to guide me, but there were no patterns for crocheted Mickey Mouse glove appliques.  So I decided to whip some up and post the free pattern here for anyone else who may need some!  Enjoy!

Tearless Onions

I hate cutting onions!  I used to be able to cut them with no side affect, but for the past couple of years, onions make me cry as if my favorite character on a TV show died!  It's so frustrating, because I put onions in a lot of my meals.  I always have to grab a tissue or a paper towel, just to prep myself before beginning to cut.

     And then I learned about the culprit.

Cleaning Out My Cabinents

I feel like I should be playing Eminem's "Cleaning Out My Closet" as I write this.

I think that song would be too short for how long this took though.  SO, as I mentioned in a previous post, I bought a lot of overstock on bathroom items at a closing grocery store the other day.

The problem, though, is that I didn't have any space for them!

A Closing Grocery Store - A Landmine of Good Deals

We have a grocery store in our area called Marsh.  It is by far the least shopped at store, and surprisingly we had two in our town.  Kroger, Target, Walmart, and the plethora of whole food type stores definitely have covered the grocery market in our town.  Why we had two Marshes is beyond me.  Not surprisingly, one of them recently announced that they were going to close down, and all of a sudden, the parking lot was packed!!

On my way to becoming a teacher again!

I did it!!!!!

I passed my Teacher exams!!

Crocheted Monster Pants!!!

I love to crochet.  Obviously, I am The Crocheting Mom after all!  Up until recently though, I've gotten my patterns from other people.  Then I started to figure out my own way to make things, but never really wrote it down.   I've had people ask me before for my patterns, but they were written in scribbles, or my notes on the computer, in a sequence that only I would be able to understand.  Until now.  These past few months I've started to create my own patterns.

Three Children Can't Be That Hard.....Right?

For me, having one baby was easy.  Then, the transition from one child to two children was also extremely do-able.  So, I figured, adding one more to the mix would be a breeze!

Boy was I in for a wake up call when I had my third!!!!

How to Make a Pom Pom

There are a lot of reasons you may need to make a pom pom.  They are cute accessories you can add to any craft project that you may be doing.  I make them often with my crochet projects.  Here are a few of my items that I have added pom poms to.

     Notice that there are all different sizes though.  I have a couple of different ways in which I go about making these pom poms that can create different styles and sizes.

Fit Bit Flex

We did it.

We jumped on the bandwagon and bought into the new healthy lifestyle hype.  My husband and I purchased Fitbit Flex's for ourselves.