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The Polar Express

      My family loves Christmas.  We love it so much our youngest daughter's middle name is Noel.  So, naturally we would love all events that go along with this holiday.  When our oldest daughter was two, we started going on the Polar Express.  We decided to do it every other year, to make it more special.  The other years, my husband and I go to Trans Siberian Orchestra's Christmas concert, and hope to start taking our oldest with us next year.

Preparing for cookies

**My cookies from last year**      So now that Halloween is over, and we are nearing close to Thanksgiving, what better time to start thinking and prepping for Christmas cookies?!?!  Ever since I was little, my mom was always the one to provide Christmas cookies at the family gatherings.  I remember making them with her and just loving it!  We would make quite a few different kinds, and continued to throughout the years, sometimes adding or taking away new varieties.

Pregnancy dreams

         A lot of weird things happen when your pregnant.  I find one of the weirdest things is the dreams that you have.  They become so much more vivid, and just plain out there!  Lately, I've woken up with a few that just have me wondering what they mean.  I've read that you remember your dreams more when you are woken during your REM sleep.  And any woman who has been pregnant, knows that there is always something that wakes us up in the middle of the night, multiple times.  Whether it be leg cramps, full bladders, or just that big 'ol belly getting in the way, there is alway something interrupting our much wanted sleep.

Our Family Halloween Costume

     Every year we are invited to our friends' Halloween party.  This year was the 5th year that we have attended and each year our costumes become better and better.  The party's main rule is : Costumes are Mandatory!  If you don't wear a costume, then the hosts will give one to you.  See picture below.