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Just call me the "One Armed Mommy"

     As a parent to a newborn, and now three children, I find life to be even harder.  Knowing this sweet boy is my last baby, I tend to spoil him to some extent.  When he cries or fusses, we pick him up to calm him down.  He loves being in arms and being cuddled, so we continue to do it, because essentially, it seems easier than hearing him cry.      My mistake!  Now, he is in my arms ALL THE TIME I feel like.  Therefore, I have learned to do many things around the house with one hand, or at least with him in his carrier on my front side.

GoGo Squeez Fruit & Veggiez Review

     It's in a pouch so it's gotta be good right??      Well, as a member of BzzAgent, where I receive free items in exchange for reviewing them, I recently got the new version of GoGo Squeeze.  My girls have always loved food in a pouch, even since they were babies.  We have often picked up the applesauce varieties of GoGo squeeze at the supermarket.  So, when I received these that also have veggies, I knew my girls would love them.  And they did!  We picked out the Boulder Berry flavor, but they also come in Pedal Pedal peach (apple, peach, and sweet potato), Zippin" Zingin' Pear (apple, pear, and carrot), and Great'full Grape (apple, sweet potato, and grape)

Making Time for Snow Play

While I was pregnant this winter, there was one thing I prayed for daily. I prayed that there would be no snow on the road the day I went into labor. Oh of course I prayed for a health baby, and that he had all his fingers and toes.  But what I was really scared of, was not getting to the hospital in time to have my little boy.

First hotel outnumbered

Last weekend my oldest, Ashley, had a cheer competition out of town.  Out of state actually.  It was only two hours away, but with having a newborn, a competition early in the morning, and the impending snow that we were going to get, we decided it best to get a hotel for the night. Were we crazy?  A hotel with 3 kids, one being just a month old?