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FREE Wolf and Basketball Ice Pop Holder

This is my third, and most likely last, installment of ice pop holders.  I say that, but if my kids ask me to make another animal or item, I could probably be persuaded!  I have made a unicorn and mermaid for my younger daughter, a dino and giraffe for my son, and finally I made a basketball and "wolf" for my oldest daughter.  I put wolf into quotes because that is what I intended to make.  When I finished, everyone agreed it looked more like a donkey than anything!  LOL.  I debated on whether or not to redo it for the sake of this post, but I thought otherwise.  Even people like me, who love to make patterns, make mistakes.  I wanted to show that even mistakes could be a little happy accident!  It can help you create new things!  I try to embrace the mistakes and learn from them.  Now if I ever wanted to make a donkey, I have a good starting point!

Wall Hanging Name Plates - Free Crochet Pattern!!

A long time ago, I made my daughter a wall hanging name plate.  Problem is, she used to be 5/6 and still into girly colors.  The name plate was pink and purple and that is definitely not her style anymore.  She wanted a new one, for her new room, that was red, black and gray. 

Home Work Out

I'm a mom, and I desperately want/need to work out.  I say want, but the need part of that is much stronger.  If I "wanted" to work out, I would.  I wouldn't complain, or find excuses, I'd just do it.  Well no time like the present right?  Working from home, kids are getting a little older, slightly more time on my hands.  This is THE PERFECT time to start up again!  Right?!?  

If You Give a Teacher a Student

I'm an elementary teacher and it's what I love to do.  I'm so happy that I chose this profession, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.  I used to substitute a lot and I would often get put in the younger grades.  One of my favorite books to read, was the "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" series.  They are fun books that all students love.  Because of my love for these books, I have written a few different parodies: 

Newborn Photo Prop Outfits Part 1

When my son was just about 10 days old, we had an amazing photo shoot done at our house by our friend and our children's babysitter.  Before he was born, though, I scoured the internet for the perfect photo props for him.  I hadn't done this with my girls, and I'm pretty bummed about it.  I would have loved to make a variety of girl photo outfits for them.  At least I was able to do it for my son though!                       

Teaching Young "Old Souls"

Crocheting is life, am I right?  Well, it was for me before I became a teacher a few years ago.  In between spending time with my family, taking care of my house, and trying to still be social with others, I crocheted.  Crocheting for me though, wasn't JUST crocheting.  Crocheting included perusing Pinterest for new ideas, creating patterns , taking pictures, doing edits, writing a blog, taking care of all my social media sites and more!  It kept me BUSY.  And I loved it.  

New and improved Pop Holders - FREE PATTERN - Unicorn and Mermaid

This is the second part in my 3 part series about updating my basic Freeze Pop Holders.  If you haven't heard of them yet, they are toddler (and adult) hand savers.  Holding those freeze pops are so cold on those little hands.  These freeze pop holders are the perfect solution to that.  My children love them, and have used the same 6 or so for 2 years now.  Two years later and they are still in great shape.  My kids wanted some new ones though, so that when their friends come over, there were more color options, and enough, for everyone.