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When your toddler is sick......

My 21 month old son was sick last week. He had a low fever the first 3 days of which I really didn't even notice unless I was hugging him because his body was so HOT.  He acted fine though!  He was running around and eating like nothing was wrong.  I called and the nurse line at the doctors office and they said to call back in a few days if he still has it. The nurse just said he was fighting something off and it's body is doing what it needs to.  I could give a little tylenol or ibuprofen to help the fever, but there wasn't any concern at all.  
Then on day 4, he started hitting his head...
Literally.  He took his cute little hands and started hitting his head and grabbing it.  Then, and this is what really gave it away, he grabbed at his ears.  I knew that second the poor kid had an ear infection.  It was already after hours at the doctors, and pretty much his bed time, so I decided to just call in the morning to make his appointment.  

When he woke up the next morning, he was pitiful.  Just a whiney mess.  Of course I couldn't call right when the doctors opened because I had to get my girls ready for school, and they are less then helpful in the morning.  So when we all finally got in the car I called the doctor and got him an appt.

I know you have all been there.  When your babies have an ear infection they are just so miserable.  I swear that he took it worse than my girls ever did.  This kid was pathetic though.  I mean, at the doctors he was just crying and crawling up and down on my lap not knowing what he wanted.  He kept throwing himself on the floor and throwing a fit. (So pitiful it was cute - hence the picture).  This is pretty out of his nature too.  He's usually pretty laid back, and can pretty well communicate what he wants.  

Communication is key.  Being the third child, I feel like he has learned to speak a lot earlier because of all the interactions he has with his family.  He will shake his head "yes" and "no" so we are able to ask him questions to get out of him what he wants.  

Side note:  When he does shake his head "yes" it is the cutest thing ever!  LOL he shakes basically his whole body up and down.  

He is also pretty good at talking to us.  He surprises me with all the words he knows and I am so grateful for it.  He still has a long way to go in communication, but for a toddler who isn't even two yet, we can usually figure out what he wants.  

Anyways, it turned out that my sweet boy had a double ear infection.  He wasn't too keen on the medication but he is now feeling better, and we are almost through the bottle.  

Now, we just have to get him out of this fussiness that he got used to over this past week.  I'd like to think we'll be back to normal behavior soon, but then I remember that he's almost two....