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No Sugar Meal: Nachos

In a previous post I talked about our decision of trying to cut out as much sugar as possible from our diets.  One of our favorite meals has been Nachos.  We don't look at the calories anymore, just the sugar intake.  You can purchase all these ingredients with no sugar, you just have to look.  I can buy all this stuff at our local grocery store, but if for some reason you cant, then any of the "organic" type stores (Lucky's, Trader Joes, etc..) should have them.  Even my extremely picky 7 year old loves this meal!

1.  1 lb Ground turkey
2.  Taco seasoning (we like the southwestern one for more of a kick)
3.  Black beans
4.  Mexican cheese
5.  Salsa
6.  Blue corn tortilla chips
7. Optional add ons include: tomatoes and shredded lettuce

This is so simple.  All you do is heat up the ground turkey and add the taco seasoning.  Next heat the beans.  Arrange the chips on your plate, add the meat and beans and cheese and put in the microwave until the cheese is mostly melted.  Add your salsa and ENJOY!