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Tearless Onions

     I hate cutting onions!  I used to be able to cut them with no side affect, but for the past couple of years, onions make me cry as if my favorite character on a TV show died!  It's so frustrating, because I put onions in a lot of my meals.  I always have to grab a tissue or a paper towel, just to prep myself before beginning to cut.

     And then I learned about the culprit.

     A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I saw a youtube video on how to make it so that you don't cry when you are cutting onions.  Did you know that there is a bulb in the onion, and that is the part that holds a gas, that once released, causes you to cry?  Well I for sure didn't!

So here is how to remove that bulb, without releasing the gas.

1.  Locate the base of the onion, where the roots are.

2.  Insert your pairing knife at an angle.

3.  Cut around in a circle, still at an angle, careful to not cut all the way through.  

4.  With the knife, lift the piece up, and then carefully wiggle it out.  If cut correctly, you should see that nasty bulb that is causing you to cry.  Quickly throw it away so it won't do you any harm! USA, LLC

5.  Continue on to cut your onion, tear free!