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Evil, Evil Sugar!

A while ago, my husband and I went to see Kevin Smith at a comedy show.  He was there to make people laugh, of course, but surprisingly, he also made people think about their health.  He took us on his journey of weight loss.  I don't know if you've noticed, but he has lost quite a bit of weight!  It was pretty simple how he did it too.  He stopped eating sugar.  That's it.  Taking sugar out of his diet made him a healthier, leaner person.

Fast forward some months later.  My husband and I were watching Netflix.  We picked out a documentary that Kevin Smith had mentioned as one of the main factors in choosing this route for his weight loss journey.  This documentary is called Fed Up.    We watched the whole thing and thought "Well that seems like it would be really hard." To completely take out sugar would mean a complete change in your diet.

It did get us thinking though.  We both wanted, and needed, to loose some weight.  So why not try this, at least partially.  We like to find a happy medium when it comes to diets.  If we don't get to eat out, or have desserts every now and then, we are going to give up, and quick.

So we started looking at the sugar content in everything we ate.  Like I said, we were not going to do this completely, but we wanted to at least decrease our sugar intake.  Along with this, we started eating Larabars and Lean Cuisines.  Some of the lean cuisines are not very good for eliminating sugar, but we were doing those more for the portion control.  The Larabars also can have a lot of sugar, but it's all natural sugar.  You can read every single ingredient on those bars and know exactly what is going into your body.  We love them because they are actually pretty filling, and there are lots of flavors so you don't get bored of them.

Another great snack that is filling, is hard boiled eggs.  Or at least I think so.  My husband and youngest daughter want to barf when I try feeding them these!  My oldest, I think, only likes them because I like them and I'm so excited when she eats them because of how healthy they are.

Finally, we found some meals that are basically sugar free.  I'm still trying to find more meals that fit our lifestyle and our pallet, but these are something I'm excited to add into our rotation.  We like doing taco stuffed red peppers, cheese filled turkey meatballs, and our favorite, and quickest to prepare, is nachos (recipe to come next time)

So the question I know most of you are asking is "Does this really work?"


I won't go into specifics about our weights (because nobody wants that publicly known :) ), but since the beginning of this year, I have lost about 13 pounds and my husband has lost almost 25 pounds!  Go us!