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Shark Tank

I love watching Shark Tank.  It's a great show.  I always tend to put myself in the seats of the judges.  Would I bite on that business or not?  There are definitely some that make me wonder how they even got on the show though.  Like the other day I saw one with a fake phone.  They said its the Pet Rock of our time.  I mean really?  Mostly, though, I'm sitting there thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?", or " What can I create?" These entrepreneurs just found a problem, and solved it with new items. USA, LLC

Easy as that.

Ha.  Yeah right.  Yes, a lot of these people are lucky, but most of them are also very smart.  They are able to come up with a product that people will use.  I have my crochet business and as much as I'd love to make that my be all end all with my career, that will never happen.  I love to crochet and I love seeing people get excited by my product, but it can never be big enough to get to the point that these other entrepreneurs at at.   Many of my customers specifically buy my product because it is a handmade item.  As a business gets bigger, it looses it's personal touches.

This past year, I've ventured into crochet patterns, which is fun.  I find something that may be a little unusual, check out the other pattern options out there, and decide whether or not I think fellow crocheters would want to pay for that pattern.  I have really like doing patterns because once it's done, it's out there for good.  It may take a week or more to get it just the way I like it, take many pictures while I create some, and then to write up the pattern.  Once the pattern is done though, I can continually get income for it for years to come.  This still is not on the scale of these entrepreneurs though.

LEGO Canada

I'm a mom of three young children.  I figure, if I ever do create a useful product, it will probably relate to making a moms life easier.  A consumable item would be great.  An item that moms, and dads, have to buy over and over again, and not just once.  The wipes companies have got this down.  Wipes are so easy and cheap to make, I've even made them at home, and people buy those for years, even after your young ones are out of diapers!

OH!  I got it!  I'm going to create a robot that can read a baby's mind.  So when it's crying, we'll finally know exactly why!!!!  I'm sure that's possible, right?!?!