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Proud Mama: No more pull-ups!

I'm pretty laid back when it comes to potty training.  At least I have been with my middle child, Lilly.  I had my third baby when she was 2.5 so although it would have been nice to have her in underwear, I really did not have the time, or energy, to get her potty trained.

We tried here and there at first, and she kept having accidents.  Finally, she was pretty much potty trained soon after she turned 3, and was entering school.  From day 1 at school, she was in underwear.  The teachers were fine with it which was great.  She had a few weeks where she had a couple of accidents, but soon we were finally there.
She was finally potty trained....during the day.

Like I said, she is my second of 3 children.  So I REALLY didn't want to start doing night training since I was already getting up usually twice a night to feed the baby.

So I waited.

I kept telling her that she needed to keep her pull up dry at night so she could be a big girl like her sissy and wear underwear all the time.

I was nervous though.

She shares a room with her big sister.  She has the bottom bunk (which is a full size mattress) and her sister sleeps on a twin up top.  My oldest loves to come down and sleep on her bed.  She does it some times in the middle of the night without knowing it.  I love that she loves to be with her little sister, and to feel close to her, but it made me even more nervous to let Lilly sleep in underwear at night.

Finally, she kept her pull up dry for about a week straight at night.  It was spring break and they girls didn't need to get up early.  IF there were going to be accidents and bed/sheet changing, this was the time to do it.

First night - dry
Second night - dry
Third night - dry "This is just a fluke right?"
After one week - DRY

Two weeks later and she still has not had an accident!!

I can't believe how easy that was.  When people say that "They will do it when they are ready" they aren't joking!

Now if I could get my 14 month old potty trained, I could be completely done with diapers!!!