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A Closing Grocery Store - A Landmine of Good Deals

We have a grocery store in our area called Marsh.  It is by far the least shopped at store, and surprisingly we had two in our town.  Kroger, Target, Walmart, and the plethora of whole food type stores definitely have covered the grocery market in our town.  Why we had two Marshes is beyond me.  Not surprisingly, one of them recently announced that they were going to close down, and all of a sudden, the parking lot was packed!!
There was a crazy free for all with everyone in town bombarding the store.  They started with having all the General Merchandise stuff 50% off and the grocery 25% off.  Now the grocery discount really wasn't a big deal since the store had higher prices to start with.  The General Merchandise items, though, were a bargain!

This was what everyone was excited about.  I bought so many great deals on stuff that I would actually use!  I was very particular about what I bought though.  I didn't want to buy ANYTHING that I didn't already use.  I wanted to use this opportunity to stock up on (mainly) bathroom supplies that could be stored in the closet until I needed them.  If you start buying things, just for the good price, then you're not really making out.

I stocked up on toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, some medicines (that weren't expiring for at least a year), and more!

Then the grocery went to 50% off and GM was now 75% off.  I found out about this on a Saturday morning (that it started the day before) and couldn't make it there till that night.

HOLY COW was it busy! It looked as if a tornado ran through.  Unfortunately when I got there, most of the food was already picked over.  I still was able to find some items that I always use though.

And then there was the WINE.  That was 50% off too!!!  People were loving it.  I controlled myself, and only bought 4.  My husband and I don't drink that much at home anyways, so again, buying just to buy would be a waste.

Did I just say buying wine was a waste?  Am I okay?  Quick, someone check my head for a fever!

Anyways.  If you find out a store is closing, I suggest going by everyday, or calling, so you can be there when those discounts keep rising.

I love getting a good deal!


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