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Spring Cleaning

     Do you ever get in the mood to clean? No?  Well me neither, usually.  Lately I've been in a cleaning mood.  I don't know what it is, but I'm not going to question it!

     I don't like cleaning much, because when I do, the kids, husband, and dog, seem to mess it up the second I finish.  Seriously, why clean when it's not going to look like you've done anything once you've finished. USA, LLC

     Despite the frustrating reality, I still clean, and try to keep the house in some order.  This last week, though, I was trying to get more of a deep clean.  Now, don't expect to come into my house, and find it looking like a model home.  We still live here remember.  I decluttered the clutter, and dusted the dust, with the small amount of time I could squeeze in.  Going through baskets of towering magazines, mail piled up in the kitchen, and dusting of the fans takes a lot of time, but they were things that needed to be done.

     I also started tackling my daughters rooms.  My oldest, got a lot of toys from a friend who's girls outgrew them.  I told Ashley, she could pick what she wanted as long as she made proper room for them in her bedroom.  As she's getting older, she's getting a lot more toys that have small pieces.  So we went in her room, and discarded trash and other toys she did not want anymore.  I realized that she was not using her toy box, since it was directly under her clothes hanging in the closet, and, it was hard for her to open.  This prompted me to rearrange her room so she could properly use all her storage.

     This then encouraged me to organized my youngest daughter's room a little better.  I was able to buy a 3 drawer plastic storage for smaller items, such as books, food and plates for her kitchen, and blocks.  It still needs a lot more work in there, but it's a start!

     Maybe it was the nice weather, or maybe it was the fact that it was spring break for my preschooler.  I'm not sure why I felt like I wanted to clean so much.  Yes, I love being a stay at home mom, and, yes, I do take pride in my house.  Between taking care of the children, blogging, crocheting and preparing meals for my family, though, cleaning is usually my last priority.  It's something I want to change.  I would love to love cleaning, but I don't.  It's one of those stay at home mom things I need to work on.  There was a point even, when I started staying home, that I had a cleaning chart.  I layed out what needed to be cleaned each day.  I need to get back to that, since it was pretty helpful with keeping me on a regular cleaning schedule.

     Anyways, this all being said, the need to clean has past.  It was short lived.  As I sit here writing, I'm thinking of everything that needs to be done.  Anyone want to come and clean my house for me?  I'll crochet you something pretty for your time!