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Security Blankets

     I have started crocheting security blankets, animal buddies, blankets with heads, or whatever you have heard them called before!

     I started with one, the frog, and fell in love with it so I kept going.  There are other people out there that crochet these cute little blankets, but there is very little out there for patterns, so I created them all myself.  (Come back later for the finished pattern.)

     I would like to display each of these so you can all see, just how cute they are!


     Here are the first set I made.  Aren't they adorable.  Wouldn't you, let alone your baby, just want to cuddle with one of these little guys!

     Delilah the duck.  I added wings, and a beak to complete her look. 

     Freddy the Frog.  I added 3d eyes and skinny arms to complete his look. 

     Mack the Monkey.  He was finished off with a special monkey face, and ears.  

     Peggy the pig.  Completely with pig ears, legs and a cute little snout. 

     Here is the second set.  Some darker colors and a little more gender specific. 

     Dudley the Dinosaur.   His 'scary' spikes go all the way down the blanket. 

     Timmy the Tiger.  He has been completed with a cute little nose and stripes to match. 

     Ellie the Elephant.  This is the only one I bought a pattern for, here.  It was too cute to pass up!  Look at the perfect ears and trunk!

     Olivia the Owl.  Made with wings and beak to complete her look.  

     Garry the Goat.  This one was my most recent one, for a custom order.  Made the special goat face with ears and horns.  

These are so fun to make.  If you'd like to order one, you can at:

Or you can do a custom order (new animal, different colors) at:

Melissa and Doug


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