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Over the Rainbow...

     Sometimes I forget the innocence of children.  How each and every day is something new for them.  They have only been with us for a short time, so things that we, as adults, take for granted, is a whole new world of wonder for them.

     Such as, something as simple as a rainbow in the sky.

     The other night, as we were driving, I saw a rainbow and pointed it out to the girls.  You could tell when Lilly finally understood the direction in which I was pointed.  The second her eyes spotted the rainbow, her face lit up.  I'm not talking any old smile that we see when her and her sister play together.  I'm talking a smile of great amazement.  Her eyes got big, smiled from ear to ear, and then let out the most precious laugh as she pointed to the rainbow.  Try to think of it as a child.  Everyday you see the blue/gray sky, and then BAM, the sky has colors in it!  To a child, that must be so amazing to see.

     Ashley was also in awe.  Although I don't know if this is true, she said, "WOW, that's my first real live rainbow I've ever seen before!"  She was so excited, not letting it out of her site.  Over and over she kept saying how she couldn't wait to tell her friends at school the next day about this rainbow.  She even said, "I wish we were as fast as a leprechaun so we could go catch the rainbow and touch it!"

     I do have to admit.  The rainbow we saw, it was beautiful.  The colors were vibrant, and it felt very close to us.  The best part of the whole thing for me, though, was the joy on my children's faces.  It wasn't something that they bought in the store, or something they watched on TV.  It was joy from being amazed by Mother Nature.  Children are so good at reminding us to just stop and enjoy the moment.  Don't worry about everything else that is going on.  Just watch a rainbow, and be thankful for how truly wonderful our world is, that we are blessed to live in.