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Playground Time!

     We had another nice day yesterday, so I thought it would be great to take the girls to the playground after I picked Ashley up from school.  Some time for them to run outside and breath in the fresh air of our beautiful little town.  We have many public playgrounds around and we decided to go to the one that was close to our house.  Ashley had cheer that night, but I thought that getting them out in the sun was way too important to/for them to pass it up.  So even if we were only able to stay for 25 minutes, I could tell that they were both really grateful for this time.

      Here's my little monkey, climbing on top of the tunnel.  I'm not quite sure if this is what it is for, but at least she's not climbing my counters at home!  Look at that smile, she's just so happy to be outside.

     Speaking of happy, look how happy my little one is to be out as well.  Last year she was all about the swings.  This year, she enjoyed them for some time, but then was just as excited that she could now run around the playground with her sister.  I am definitely going to have to enforce the safety of not going UP the slides, which she was trying to do often.  

LEGO Canada

     Here's that monkey again!  This wall seriously freaked me out last year when she would climb it.  Her little legs used to be barely long enough to reach each footing.  Even this year I was slightly worried.  Ashley is not known for taking her time, and paying attention.  I am sure one of these days she is going to go too quickly, miss a step, and fall down.  But until then, have fun Ash!

Melissa and Doug

     This seriously is my favorite way for the kids to play in the snow!  50 degree weather with snow still on the ground.  Lilly was loving to be able to run around in it and play, and not be freezing cold. 

     I am very happy with Mother Nature these past few days!  Kids should be able to run around and play outside without a care in the world.  I know that it is Ashley's favorite thing to do.  The second it warms up, she's clamoring to go out to the backyard to play, and hope for some of the neighbors to come out with her!