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Spring Break!


    Next week is spring break, so I'll have my 5 year old home with me for the week.  In order to pass through this week without much of a headache, I figured it would be best if I had at least some sort of a plan.  Now mind you, I'll still have my 1 year old with me, as well as the 1 year old I babysit on a few days.  I have to keep that in mind when planning what to do with Ashley.
     Day Out - Our friend's now four year old is having his birthday party next week at Chuck E. Cheese.  We were invited to go, which Ashley is very excited about.  She loves this place and will have a great time.  Maybe even Lilly will be able to do a game or two while we are there.

     Easter Crafts - Easter is coming up so I thought the girls would like to do some crafts at home.  There are a few that I pinned to my Pinterest account, here, that I would like to do.  Making a duck purse, Easter Egg garland, and painting a bunny are a few of them.

     Library - The library is always a great option for cheap fun.  Both of the girls love going.  The library in town has a fantastic childrens department.  They have a separate play room for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers that Ashley and Lilly really enjoying.  Different toys from home intrigue them, and could keep them busy for hours.  Also one of the children's book areas has computers that are completely set up for kids, train and puzzle tables, and of course, a ton of books to choose from to rent.  We end up here a lot in the summer, especially on rainy days.

     Walks - I live in a great neighborhood for walks.  Even better, is they are building a playground down the street that will hopefully be done soon.  Ashley loves being on her scooter, bike, or just pushing her baby doll in her little stroller.  Lilly enjoys being outside as well, so win win!

     Parks - We may or not be going to a park.  With the new playground being installed that would be enough excitement for the week for sure!

     What are you doing on spring break?  Any travel plans, special events?