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No Sleep

     People say they get no sleep at night because of kids.  This is the same for me, but not in the normal sense.

     I'm sure people often think that since I am a Stay At Home Mom, I get to sleep in.  I can sleep in till the girls wake up, right?  Not exactly.  My husband wakes up early to get ready for work.  I set my alarm at 5:30 every morning to get up, and help him finish getting ready (lunch, coffee, etc).  He leaves around 5:45 and the girls don't wake up until after 7:30, usually.  That hour and 45 minutes is bliss for me.  Sure, I could go back to bed and get more sleep.  This is my only ME time though.  Jason's off to work, the girls are both sleeping, and it's just me and the dog, sitting in the family room with the fireplace on.
     This is my time to watch the crappy shows that Jason doesn't like.  I make my coffee, turn on the computer, watch my shows, check my Facebook (of course) and crochet.  It's so relaxing.

     Here's where I really choose the no sleep though.  When Jason goes on business trips for a few days at a time, I don't sleep very well.  So, instead, I drink coffee and stay up late, and still wake up early.  Ya, I'm tired, but I get so much crocheting done in those hours after the girls go to sleep it's worth it!

     When it comes to getting no sleep BECAUSE of the girls, it doesn't really bother me either.  Ashley was really good as a baby, and slept through the night since she was 2 months old!  Lilly has been more spoiled.  Until she was about a year old, I would go get her when she woke up in the middle of the night, and put her back to bed.  I just wanted my baby happy, and wanted to do whatever I could for her.  After a year, though, I did sleep train her, and she does great now.

     Basically, as long as I have coffee, or some sort of caffeine, I will probably choose crocheting and my own personal quiet time, over sleep. Usually.  What about you?  Would you rather sleep in on mornings if you could? Or would you rather have a little me time, while everyone else in the house is snoring away?