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iPhone 5s

     Over this weekend, my husband and I finally upgraded our phones.  Our 2 year contract, and therefore eligibility to upgrade, came and passed months ago.  We love all the features that iPhones offer over other phones so, of course, we opted to get the newest version, the iPhone 5s. 

     Honestly, I first thought there wouldn't be much difference.  I mean, how different can it be from the 4s?  When my phone started getting slow though, because it only had 16 gig on it, I decided I was ready to upgrade.  

     For me, I wanted the 32 gig because of my business mainly, and my children.  With blogging and crocheting being a daily thing, I am constantly taking pictures.  I am not constantly removing those said pictures though.  At any given time, I usually have over 600 pictures on my phone.   It's only when I can't download a new app for my children, that I start to delete pictures.  My daughters both love to be on my phone, and play games, and I love letting them, especially in the car!

     This new phone is so light.  Granted I'm used to having a case on my phone and I'm still waiting for my new one to come in, this phone is a lot lighter, and thinner than the previous one.  My husband 'jokes' that I am notorious for breaking phones, so he was saying, "Now Sarah, the case comes in two days, I hope your phone can make it."  Sure I'll blame it on the kids, Ashley playing with the tabs, and Lilly throwing it to see how far she can make it go, but in the end, I'm just as clumsy as they are!  So with the last phone, we bought cases by Griffin.  These cases are heavy duty, and military tested!  Over two years later, the phone itself is still in like new condition.  The case on the other hand, well that doesn't look as pretty! It definitely did it's job.  So, with the new phones, we got new cases.  They now have a 'slim' version, which I got, so I'm excited to get it in this week.

     The 5s has an extra row for apps, which is very useful for me.  Now I can get all my most used apps on the first page.  It seems so much more organized to me with only the one row added.  The bigger screen is also nice to watch movies/clips or play certain games.  Once we get the cases in, and my children are allowed to hold the phone again, I'm sure they are going to love it as much as my husband and I.

  There are a lot of other specs (faster speeds, better features, etc) but the last thing I wanted to mention was the plug in.  I often am fumbling to plug in my phone at night.  It's dark and I have to look for the little symbol to make sure it's going in the right way.  With the new 5s phones, though, the plug can be put in either way!  Fantastic!  It's a simple change but I love it!

     Overall, I am very happy with the new phone.  Luckily since I will be using it for at least 2 more years!