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Sibling Love

     When Jason and I talked about having children, and how many, one of the big things I always thought about was, "I hope they at least LIKE each other."  I've known many siblings who absolutely hate each other growing up.  Usually, though, once they get older and surpass their teen years, they become best friends.

     I want my children to absolutely love being around each other, even while growing up.  I want them to be each others best friends, all through life.
     Maybe it's because both my husband and I are the babies of our family, and our brothers are 8-12 years older than us.  We never really knew what it was like to have that best friend living with us.
As of now, for the past year and a half, my girls do love each other.  They love to play together, and are always giving hugs. It just makes my heart melt to see this.  I pray that it lasts, although I am realistic and realize that this may be short lived.

     There is a four year age difference between them.   Don't get me wrong, they are still sisters, and fight over things at times.  Mostly is just because Lilly doesn't understand sharing very well yet, and we need to stop letting it go because "shes's the baby." Lilly also looks up to Ashley so much.  She loves watching her, and then doing what she does, which can be a little scary.  I have to tell this to Ashley all the time, that she needs to be a good role model so Lilly learns good behavior.

      If Ashley is awake, when we hear Lilly wake up, it's a mad dash to who gets to see her first.  If Lilly wakes up first, she points at Ashley's door and says "Sissy, Sissy" (in her own way) excited for her sister to wake up and play with her.  Ashley loves trying to be a mommy to Lilly, and Lilly loves to have her sister play with her.  Hopefully, they will continue to have minimal fights.  We plan on putting them in the same bedroom soon, so the close quarters may change things!

     But overall, they truly enjoy each others company.