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Chuck E Cheese

     This week, during spring break, we were invited to our friends' son's birthday party.  The party was being held at Chuck E. Cheese.  Ashley has only been here once before, and was very excited to be able to go here again.  I mean who can blame her?  What five year old wouldn't love a place with rides, games, prizes, pizza and cake?  

Melissa and Doug

     Before last year, I hadn't been to Chuck E. Cheese since I was a kid.  My dad used to take me there, when it was our night together.  I loved being able to go and play games with him.  One of my favorite parts, which they didn't have at the one near us, was a climbing area and slide, that went into a huge ball pit.  Looking back, it might not have been that big, but to me, it was enormous!  

     I still remember saving up my tickets, for WEEKS, in order to win one of the top prizes at the time, a skateboard.  I was probably only 8 or 9 at the time, and that's what I wanted, the skateboard.  The funny thing is, when I finally did get it, I probably only played with it for a couple weeks.  I realized it was a lot harder than it looked, and being so young, lost interest quickly.  

     Anyways, Ashley and Lilly had a lot of fun at this party.

Here they are dancing with Chuck E Cheese himself, trying to earn free tickets!

Lilly gave up quick, but Ashley went strong through the whole song. 

Trying to win some tickets. 

Ashley is actually playing, Lilly was just having fun copying her big sister. 

Riding on a car with sissy. 

Let out that aggression Ashley, hit some moles!

Playing a game with one of her besties!


At the end of the party, Ashley told me, "That was the best party ever, even if it was for a boy!"