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Wine Tasting

     Back in January, when my husband and I visited the Indianapolis home show, we stopped at a wine booth of course!  We were able to have a few small samples of their wine, and we loved them.  We ended buying half a case that day!  Because of that purchase, we became members.  The company is called PRP Wines.  Once you buy a case, or at this particular event a half a case, you become a member.  You do not have to continue buying wines at any certain rate to continue your membership though, no monthly, or even yearly, requirements.  Whenever you want more wine, you just call your representative, order through him/her, and you will get your wine delivered to your house usually within 1-2 weeks!  Wine to your door!  How perfect. 

     This company does a couple of different wine tasting events as well.  You can host a private party at your house.  You tell your consultant which types of wines you want, or she can suggest some as well and she will bring them to your house, and host the tasting for you.  The second one is put on by the company themselves.  If you are a member, you will get a flier with different wine tastings in your area.  It is free for you to go, and you are allowed to bring friends with you.  Just for attending this event, each member will leave with a free gift, whether or not you buy wine that day.  

     This past weekend, we were able to attend our first wine tasting, held in Nashville, IN.  They had 9 wines for us to sample.  Now, we never claim to be wine connoisseurs of any sort, we just enjoy good wine.  The wines that they offer come from all over; Spain, Hungary, Germany and even California, among others.  PRP wines, just tries to find the best out there, and provide them to their clients.  The first wine we tried was a semi-fruity wine that had gold flecks in it! We loved this one (and later ended up buying one).  

     Some of the wines we had to taste in a certain way.  One red wine was best to eat with chocolate.  We were instructed to swish the wine around our mouth, "chew it" even, and swallow.  With our next sip, we placed a chocolate in our mouth and chewed it up along with the wine.  It tasted like a chocolate covered cherry.  In my opinion, though, that particular wine did not taste as good by itself.  Other wines we were given cheese and crackers to have with it.  

     Here is the free gift we received for attending the event. 

We are eagerly awaiting the new wine we purchased in order to fill it up.  

     We talked to one gentleman there, who also attended the event, who has a whole cellar filled with wine. We are obviously not even close to that point, but would love to start a collection!