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A box of fun!

     I'm sure you've heard it before.  I'm sure you have even witnessed it at birthdays, christmas, or just any day you get that big box in the mail.  You're children may or may not care about what is in that box, but they will LOVE the box itself!  We, as adults, see a box, and we see the hassle of having to break it down into the recycling container, or the burden of it taking up way too much space in the garage until recycling day comes!

     Not children, though.  Children see an infinite amount of possible ways to play with said box.  The ideas are endless.  As the box keeps changing, because children will tear that box apart, so do the games played with it.

     I love giving my children a box and watching what they come up with.  Something so simple and basic, yet they are able to use their imaginations and create made up worlds, and characters with it.  Even at Lilly's age, she realizes how much fun a box can be.  If you really think about it, a certain toy may have only one or two conventional ways to play with it.  A box, though, has a million possibilities.  Who wouldn't want to play with a toy like that?

As soon as I put the box out in her room she wanted to get in.  Of course her little legs couldn't get over the side, so I helped her in.  

Then she wanted her food and plates in there to play with. 

The top of the box worked great as a table.  Guess we're having chicken for dinner!

Peek - a - boo!

When Ashley came home she was just as excited to play with the box. 

"Mommy can you find us?"  "No Ashley.  Your little hands are completely hidden to me!"

Well don't we look nice and cozy. 

And of course, a broken box is also fun to play with. 

     This box didn't last very long.  I didn't get pictures of it, but once it was broken, it was also the gate blocking the entrance to their secret hide-out in the closet.  This box didn't even get the chance to be a TV, or a rocketship.  We didn't get to color it, or use it for art.  There are many ideas that my children have when it comes to boxes.  Unfortunately, they like to play rough and not all boxes last very long!  Luckily we will probably get more in the future and their imaginations can soar again!