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Easter Egg Hunt

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!  My family sure did.  The day before Easter I was able to take the girls to an Easter egg hunt, put on by a church that our babysitter goes to.  She told us about it last year, and it was so much fun that when she told us about it this year, there was no way we were going to miss it!  This first picture was actually at the end of the day, once the girls had done all the activities they wanted to do.  Ashley saw the Easter Bunny and was so excited to go see him.  Lilly looked a little unsure, but after a quick "high five", the E.B. was okay in her book!  

The first thing we had to do was the horse rides.  The age restrictions were 5 and up, but since our sitter was working this station, Lilly got to right too!  There is really no way to describe in words the giggles and laughter that came out of Lilly once the horse started walking.  Holy cow, was that the cutest thing we've ever heard!  She was having so much fun on that horse, I never would have imagined the joy it could have brought her.  With her sister holding on behind her, and her sitter next to her, she didn't have a care in the world.  I'm just lucky she didn't try to ride our dog when she came home!!!!

Next stop was face painting.  I don't know what it is, but there something so magical about getting a cute little drawing on your face, in Ashley's case a flower.  

A rare selfie of Lilly and myself, while waiting for one of the egg hunts to start.

This church really had the day set up perfectly.  All the activities went on throughout the whole two hours.  There were also three separate egg hunts, with each hunt, having 4 different age group sections.  The girls did the first, and last hunt.  You could tell that they weren't sure how many eggs to put out at the beginning because the first hunt had very few.  Lilly was just giggling the whole time, watching the chaos around her.  I was able to help her get a few eggs in her basket, but she didn't care, she was having so much fun!

Ashley on the other hand was a champ!  She quickly scooped up a ton of eggs during the first round.  She knew that the eggs contained candy, and there was that competitors gleam in her eyes!  She came back with a basket almost full!

The last hunt, our second, had lots and lots of eggs.  I put Lilly down, she ran to the back, and just parked herself down to collect eggs.  You can't tell in this picture, but behind her, there was a wall of other kids her age who started at the front to get eggs.  Apparently both my girls know the proper Egg Hunting strategies!!!

There was a bounce house for the big kids and a smaller one for the toddlers.  After waiting about 30 minutes, Ashley finally got to play for her allotted two and a half minutes.  She had a blast bouncing around, and making silly faces at the camera.  Towards the end of the event, we walked by the M.C. who was asking children about their favorite part of the day.  Ashley, who loves to be on stage, wanted to go up and talk to them as well.   This is the conversation that ensued:

MC:  "What was your favorite part today"

Ashley:  "The bounce house"

MC:  "What did you like best about the bounce house"

Ashley:  "It was bouncy"

LOL!  She cracks me up.  

They also had other fun games going on, some we were able to do, and some we didn't have enough time for.  They had a hula hooping station, a tall rock wall, basketball for big and little kids, a cookie walk, and probably a few more that I did not even see.  It really was a great way to start our Easter weekend!