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I promise you don't need these


     You're having your first baby!  Great!  Congrats!  It's the best feeling in the world, being a mother to a precious little angel that was miraculously brought to you.  You will want to do everything in the world to protect your baby, even if that means buying as much baby "stuff" that you can fit into your house.  There are a lot of things that you will obviously need for your baby, but there are things, that seem like you may need them at first, that you really don't.  Here is a list of things that I have found to be superfluous.

1.  Shoes -  If putting tiny little shoes on a squirming little foot doesn't deter you enough, then maybe the fact that a baby will usually just kick said shoes right off will!  There are a lot better options that you can do to keep your baby's feet warm.  Socks and onsies with feet are so much easier to put on.  Not to mention, even though the shoes are tiny, they can still get pretty pricey!  Your baby doesn't really need shoes until he/she is starting to try and stand on their own.  Even then, there have been studies about the benefit of bare feet and walking.

2.  Wipe Warmer -  I have always found this one silly.  I have worked at many daycares, with babies six weeks and older, and I have never used one of these.  Yes, wipes may be a little cold, but trust me, your baby will get used to it.  If you start pampering your baby's ass (literally) now, she will expect that to continue for everything!  Seriously, you don't need this.  The wipes work the same when they are not warmed up.

3.  Changing Table -  This one is one that most parents don't find out about till after they have their baby.  You need somewhere to change your baby right?  So of course you'll need a changing table.  Wrong.  Are you really going to go to the child's bedroom, every time you need to change a diaper?  Probably not.  I personally just change them on the floor.  If you're worried about making a mess, buy a couple of those travel changing pads and keep them around the house.

4.  Tons of Clothes -  Your baby is going to grow.  Fast.  Before you blink, you'll need the next size up in clothes.   Yes, your baby will probably go through a couple of outfits a day, but you still do not need a whole lot of clothes.

5.  Expensive Clothes - Along the same line as the previous item, don't buy expensive clothing.  The babies will grow out of them quickly, and may not even wear all of them.  Also, babies are messy.  Things come out of their bodies that you don't want to even think about.  Unless your a master laundry cleaner, the clothes will find random stains on them.  Buy a few nice clothes for the days you going out someplace nice, but other than that, go cheap.  Second hand stores, yard sales, and hand me downs from family and friends are the perfect way to get clothes for your baby.  Most likely, these pre owned clothes, are in like new condition, without the same cost!

6.  Bottle Warmers -  Do you have running water?  Good, then you do not need to buy a bottle warmer.  Warm milk definitely goes down easier with babies.  Instead of this item though, all you need to do is put the bottle in a cup, under hot running water.  It does not take long at all to warm up the bottle, and it was free! Please, please, please, do not put your bottle in the microwave. People still do this and it worries me, because the milk could easily be too hot for the baby.  With either method, though, always test the milk to make sure it is not hot!

7.  Crib Bedding - It's your first baby.  Of course you want to buy everything to make her nursery as cute and perfect as can be.  Bedding sets usually go anywhere from $60-$200!  I promise, all you will use from this set, is the fitted sheet.  It is encouraged to NOT put ANYTHING in with the baby, for fear of SIDs.  The baby could be suffocated by that adorable crib bumper, or the bulky crib blanket.  You'll learn real quick, after many explosive diapers, that when changing your baby's sheet, the cute little crib skirt, is a b*tch to put back in place.  You are not going to want to do that everytime.  So, buy a few sheets, and continue on decorating that room.

8.  Baby Food Processor -  Making your baby's food yourself is always a big plus.  You'll know what exactly goes into it, and it's much much cheaper!  You do not need a Baby Bullet, or anything else along those lines though.  I'm sure your family owns a blender.  If not buy one.  A regular old blender will work just fine to make your own baby food.

Melissa and Doug

9.  Diaper Bags -  Some people may disagree with me on this one, but I really feel like you don't need one (unless you're a dad and you don't carry a purse!)  Diaper bags are fun to shop for, since there are so many styles out there.  Honestly though, you are not going to want to carry a purse, and a diaper bag with you.  The easiest thing to do is to just buy a big purse, which can actually be cheaper.  Diaper bags may have a lot of pockets, but I've actually found it harder to fit everything into those.  I've used big purses both times, and it's so much easier to have everything in one place.

10. Shopping Cart Cover -  I thought this was a needed item too.  I really did.  Then I finally got one, and I used it once.  First of all, you won't use it until your baby sits unassisted, otherwise she'd probably be in a sling, or the car seat.  Once your baby sits unassisted, they are usually able to understand "NO" to an extent anyways.  As well as being old enough to fight off nasty colds.  Instead, bring a few toys so that she will chew on those, instead of the seat strap.  Seat covers are big, and do not fit easily in your purse.  You have to make a conscience effort to remember to bring it with you all the time.  Even if you say, "Well, I'll just keep it in my car", it's still a pain to sit there and get it on correctly.  As a mom, your time is limited, and struggling with these things just are not worth it.

     As always, these are my thoughts and opinions.  There is no concrete list that we all must follow.  I would really take these into consideration though, when going out and buying items for your little bundle.   Is there anything that you didn't use, that you think should be added to the list.  If so, please comment below.