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Planning a summer that will go by to fast!

     It's only mid April, yet I'm already stressing about planning our summer efficiently.  First of all, Ashley only gets about 9 weeks of summer this year.  9 weeks!   I feel like summer used to be at least 12 weeks.  There are so many "summer" activities that we need to get in during that short amount of time.

     First of all, we really want to get in a vacation this year.  The fact that we do not live near our family, and we have young children, that for us means a vacation visiting.  Figuring out a time for our trip wouldn't be so bad, but we have a lot of restrictions.  My husband is very busy with work, and already knows he can not take off any time in July or August, which leaves us June.

     Great right?  Planning a trip during a whole month shouldn't be that hard.

     Except, we have things already planned for June.  We have a concert we've already bought tickets to on the 9th, and I have a craft fair on the 21st.  Also, the fact that we have to drive 17 hours means that we would want our trip to be at least 10 days, so it doesn't feel like we drove all the way there, just to turn around again.  Anyways, it seems like between those dates might work for us.  Good, now we got 1 thing checked off the list!

     Next, is our neighborhood 4th of July party.  This shouldn't have anything that would cause a problem, so that's good.

     I found online that there is a free camp at Indiana University for ages 3-6 during one week in July.  They will be doing some games and activities that the psychology students will "study."  Ashley has done these studies before and I know she'll love them!

     Every summer we have Ashley do at least one session of swim lessons, if not more.  With hoping to get our vacation into that planned week, the free week of summer camp, and going back to school in August, there may only be one two week session that we will be able to fit in.

     Not to mention, BOTH of my girls have a June birthday!  I have barely even started to think about parties for them.  A lot of the activities are Ashley related.  Lilly is just turning 2 this summer, and I have not gotten her into anything yet.  I don't know how parents with 3,4 or even 5 kids handle everything!  My phone calendar has definitely been populated lately, so that both my husband and I can check it to see what's going on, or if we can squeeze anything in, such as the 1 day programs the city puts on for the children, cheer practices, and bible camps.   I've also promised Ashley that she could have play dates with her friends this summer, in our free time!

     How do you all plan your time.  Do you have a family calendar?  Do you just give up on doing everything together as a family, and instead split your time to take your kids places?

     Either way, I'm sure we're going to have a fantastic summer, despite the fact that I know it is going to go by WAY too fast!