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April Showers Bring May Flowers

     Ashley:  "Mommy, April showers make more flowers!."

     Me:  " You're right!  I know the saying as 'April showers bring May flowers, but yours definitely makes sense too!"

     After this brief conversation with my 5 year old, I heard the phrase over and over again.  She wanted to learn how to say it the way Mommy does.

      She also made up this one, or maybe her teachers taught it to her, "Spring sun, makes more fun!"  That's so true also!  She can be so insightful for her age.

     The massive amounts of rain that we have gotten lately doesn't really seem to phase us much though.  I think everyone was so burnt out from the frigid cold, and all the snow, that we welcomed the rain.  I love snow, don't get me wrong, but we had enough!  Now I'm ready for the rain and sun to brighten up our days, and our flowerbeds!

     Unfortunately, here in central Indiana, lots of rain can often equate to bad storms, and potential TORNADOES, which may be the scariest thing that Mother Nature can throw my way!

     But look what all this rain is producing!  It's beautiful and makes you revel in the beauty of our earth.  Here are some pictures of what's popping up in my yard.

My favorite bush I put in last year.  I just can't wait for the Lilacs to start blooming!

Pretty buds on the tree in the front yard.

A bush in the front yard!

Green, green grass!

     I love seeing all the flowers, trees and bushes start blooming.  Driving around our neighborhood, seeing people work in their yards, and seeing the world brighten up  makes me very happy!