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Crocheted hair accessories

     During the cooler months, my biggest sellers have always been my hats.  It's really what started my business, selling pumpkin hats, and then flower beanies.  They are fun to make and look adorable on anyone of any age! 

     As much as I love the warmer weather, though, people obviously do not buy hats come spring time.  Therefore, I've had to create items that could be year round items, if not at least for spring summer weather.  One of the items I decided to make were hair bows.  I've made a couple varieties for a couple years now.  The small flowers, layered flowers, bows, and pom poms are the ones that I have made into hair bows with clips on the back.  I always have a basket of them at events I attend and it seems that every little girl who comes to my table loves to be able to pick one out.     

Small flower clips with gems

Bow clips

Two and three layered flower clips

Big pom pom clips

Mini pom pom clips

     Recently, I decided that I wanted to make some new hair accessories and found some ideas online.  I made two new styles.  Ashley loves them both so much.  She wants me to make her some in every color.  Lucky for her, I can just take her to my yarn shelves and let her pick!

This one I call ponytail ties.  Simply curly q's that can be tied around any pony tail!

This one is my favorite!  I call it Ponytail curls.  

     Of course with all the great hair clips, you'll need somewhere to store them nicely.  For that I've made a bow hanger.  It's a great way to display your clips and makes it easy to choose which one to put in your daughters hair that day!


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