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Hibachi for my birthday

   This past weekend was my birthday.  I was very lucky to have my mom in town, and since it was my choice, I wanted us to all go out to DoMo, which has a Hibachi area.  My girls had never been, and turns out my mom had never been to one either!  I've always enjoyed going to places that do hibachi, and figured that everyone would love it!

     We sat down and made our orders.  While waiting, the cook at the table near us had just started the show.  The beginning flame that they do was so big that we felt the warmth all the way at our table!  The girls were not expecting it and we very shocked when they saw it.  Ashley jumped back, and Lilly's eyes were wide, neither really sure how to react to it.

     My girls are such picky eaters, that I was a little nervous about how well they would do.  I knew it would be a longer than normal dinner, and if they didn't like the food, it might be tough to keep them happy.  We started with the soup, and salad (for the adults).  Ashley first loved "drinking" the soup out of the fun spoons that they serve it with.  She then realized that she really enjoyed it!  She was feeding it to Lilly, who also really enjoyed it, which was adorable.

     While waiting for the cook to come to our table, my mom had gotten up.  Ashley saw her and said I have to go to the bathroom too, so I asked my  mom to take her.  When Ashley got back she tells me "We asked the waitress if they have a special birthday dessert for you!"  LOL, she apparently wasn't suppose to tell me.  My mom now knows that Ashley can not be trusted with secrets!!

     Anyways, the cook finally came to our table and the girls, my mom, my husband, and I all loved it!  The sly comedic style of the cook was evident when he started flipping food at my mom and Ashley because they were talking.  Ashley was mesmerized, watching him cook, and do fun little actions with the food.   Lilly got slightly bored, and seemed to only enjoy the rice and broccoli.  Ashley loved it all and I expect to hear her ask to go there often now!

     The meal ended with a gong sounding and a group of the staff came out and sang to me.  Lilly stole the show when she started clapping along, being her cute little self.  I shared my birthday fruit with my family and we left.

     As the years go by, birthdays become less and less exciting.  Being with my family and enjoying them is all I really want.  This was a great way to celebrate!