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Cake Pop!

     Last Friday, my daughters school held their annual Fish Fry.  All the food was provided and we just had to pay a fee to get in.  They asked that we would bring desserts to share, and some wonderful person provided these cake pops!  When I brought Lilly to the dessert table, she pointed at these immediately.  This is not Lilly's first cake pop.  There have been a few times at Starbucks when we have gotten these for the kids.  

     Here's a picture of her having her first:

     Look how little and cute and chubby she is!  Okay, so maybe she is still all of those things.  Daddy had brought this one home for her and since then, she's loved them!

      Look at the happiness in this picture.  I have to say I was being brave letting this little one sit on my lap as she at it.  Boy, can these things get messy!

     The cake portion eventually fell off and so she kept sticking it.  Because everything is better when you can eat it on a stick right? 

     Let's see how big of a bite we can fit in our mouth.

     Who knew a cake pop could be a great fine motor skill for a toddler?  

     Look at that concentration!  Trying to get the stick back on the cake can be tricky. 

     Of course we have to suck on the stick and make sure to get all that chocolate off.  Can't leave one bit!  I think buying a cake pop maker is going to be in my near future.  I'm pretty sure that everyone in my family would love it!