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Yes we are "THAT" neighbor

Okay, so here's our house.  Looks normal right?  Now let's remember the date.

Today is February 19th.

Yes we are huge Christmas fans.  Everyone knows it.  We start decorating in November and don't shut up about it 'till the new year.

But I promise you this:  we had fully intended to take down our decorations by at least mid January, and now it's almost the end of February!  Oops!

It's not our fault, I swear!  Okay, so maybe it is, since we had to go and do more than what we, ourselves, were capable of.  We hired a landscaping company to come out with their bucket truck, and put lights on the top of our house.  The top where no ladder, or person should ever be.

Then we got snow.  And more snow and again more snow.  This winter has been never ending and the snow is just continuously flowing.  All of a sudden, it's almost March, and we still have our decorations up.  The landscaping company can't come out until it's safe.  Clearly, being on a roof with all this snow, is not safe.

So there my decorations sit.

I am hoping I will soon at least be able to take the reindeer down.  With a frozen ground, and stakes inserted into this frozen ground, it is slightly tough.

I want to give you some perspective about how much snow we've had.  This picture was taking today.  Yesterday it was 55 degrees out.  Yet there is still snow, and a lot of it, on the ground.  Tomorrow it's suppose to be in the 60's, with a lot of rain.  This is the day neighbors, that we should hopefully be able to get the reindeer in the house.  You won't have to look at it when you drive by anymore.

I hope...

I really truly hope....