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Sneaky Ashley

This is my oldest daughter, Ashley.   She looks so sweet and fun loving in this picture, doesn't she?  Well, she is both of those things, most of the times.  She has another side of her though.  LOL, she's sneaky.

Very sneaky.

And it worries me just a little!
The other night we sent Ashley to bed a little after her bedtime, and then we went to bed not too much later.  As we went upstairs, we made sure her light was off in her room, since she will usually stay up and try to read books until she falls asleep (which we're fine with to an extent).

We went to our room, and started getting ready for bed and I realized I left something downstairs.  When I left the room to go get it, I noticed Ashley's light was on!

She's such a bugger!

She waited until she thought that Mommy and Daddy were in the room for the night, then she turned on her light and started playing!  She looked so shocked when I opened her door to see what was going on.  She definitely did not expect me to be there.

Ohhh she's so sneaky.

She's only FIVE though!  What am I going to expect in 10 years???  She's got years before she is a teen.  I can't imagine what she is going to be like then.  We're already trying to layout our plan of attack.

The hard part is, she's smart.  Really, really smart!

My husband is already ready for her to ask for a ladder outside her window "for safety purposes if there's a fire."  That's how she is!  She will figure out a way where we hate to say "No" but it is a duel purpose for her.

I've said it since she was just a toddler.  She is giving me gray hairs already.  Her personality, attitude, and smarts, are going to be fantastic for her when she's OLDER and ON HER OWN!   But, please, Ashley, don't use it against your parents!  We love you, and would like to keep it that way.  LOL