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Confessions of a Crocheter

     I am a crocheter.  There I said it!  LOL.  Sometimes I do things that are not normal.  Blame it on the hook!  Here are some ways in which crocheting has changed the way I go about living!

  1. I like to feel yarn - Does this sound weird?  It probably is.   Whenever I go pass yarn, anywhere, I like to feel it.  Not only feel it, but daydream about the different things I could make with this particular yarn.  
  2. I check out heads - My name is Sarah and I watch heads.  I can't help it.  I like people watching as it is, but now when I do it, I also try to figure out what size hat I would need to make them.  If I'm talking to you, then just assume, I'm trying to figure out your head size as well!
  3. I count...everything - I count stairs, cups on the table, people in a room, etc.  I count a lot when I crochet, but it doesn't stop when I put down the hook.  
  4. Yarn is all over my house - Seriously, this one even gets on MY nerves!  I don't know how many times I have to sweep and I still find little strands everywhere.  They even end up in the bathroom, and NO I do NOT crochet in there!
  5. I like to give presents - If you are having a baby, you are most likely going to get a crocheted gift from me.  I find it so much more personal than buying something from the store.  I am also "that" Aunt that sends out crocheted items (hats, scarves etc) as Christmas gifts.  
  6. Comparing is a curse - If I go to an event and see another crocheter's booth, I have to go check it out.  Is it better than mine?  What would I do differently than them?  If I don't make it already, then is it something I should?  I pride myself in having great quality items, and forcing myself to be the best is very helpful for me.  
  7. It's not knitting! - Don't call what I do knitting.  Just don't.  
  8. I don't "watch" TV - My husband often says that he wishes he could watch TV when he works like I do.  I always correct him that I don't ever watch TV, rather, I LISTEN to TV.  Every now and again I'll look up to put a face with a voice, but I just like the background noise when I'm crocheting.   On the same token, I really can't just watch TV, even with my husband, unless I'm crocheting.  I get bored and antsy if I am just sitting there.  
  9. Say 'Cheese' - My poor family is the brunt of all my pictures.  I put hats, and scarves and whatever else I can on them to take pictures.  They are great though, and support me in what I'm doing, so they don't hate it too much!
  10. I have a ton of yarn but never the "right" color - I have stashes of yarn everywhere; downstairs in my "work area", upstairs in the closet, and a whole ton of it in the garage.  Yet I am still at Jo-Ann Fabrics at least twice a week because I don't have the particular yarn I need for a project. 

Are you a crocheter?  Is there anyway that crocheting has changed how you live life? I'd love to hear about it!  

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  1. I love your post! It is so true and I completely agree with you as a fellow crocheter.

    1. Thanks for your comment! It's crazy how crocheting can take over your life isn't it!!!!

  2. I can relate to everything you said!! Not only do I check out heads but also if they wear any crochet piece then I am so restless that I feel my head will explode if I don't comment on their wearable 😊

  3. I thought I must be crazy because I count everything!

  4. I thought I must be crazy because I count everything!

  5. What a lovely post! I agree with so many of the points. I also "listen" to the tv when I crochet. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I don't do#2 or #9, everything else is right on target

    1. It's funny how we're all so much alike! Thanks for visiting!


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