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Gifts for Him

     Who says women are hard to buy for?  Have you tried buying for a guy?  It's not easy.  Guys say that buying for us women is impossible, but they are the ones that are truly hard to buy for.  I have a hard time finding things that I know my husband would love.  When I do, I write them down in my phone so I don't forget during the next gift giving holiday!  Here are some things that I believe all guys would greatly enjoy for a gift, any time of the year.

1.  The Art Of Shaving - Every man wants a good shave, whether it's to be clean cut, or to have the perfectly shaped goatee/beard.  This company makes shaving for a man luxurious.  It's classy and your man will love it.  You can choose between four different scents for the soap and aftershave.   Choose between different styles of brushes, razor holders, stands, and more.

2.  Tickets to an Event - This could be tickets to a concert, a certain convention (comic con, lego, home, etc) or to a play.  You know your man enough to know what he's into, so go ahead and start booking it.  Wrap up the tickets and be ready to see that smile on his face.

3.  Think Geek - This site has many items for those guys who like to indulge into their inner child.  Lots of fun movie, and game memorabilia from shirts, to office supplies to electronics and gadgets, and more.

4.  Food - This one is a no brainer.  Everyone knows the saying "The way to a guys heart is to his stomach."  Although this might not be entirely true, most guys I'm sure would love a night out on the town to a fancy restaurant, or even his favorite bar.  Or you can make his favorite dinner at home with a perfect dessert to round it off.

5.  Beer of the Month Club - This one might get me in trouble.  My husband will read this, and ask where his membership is.  Beer, to your door, every month.  What guy wouldn't like this?  I have seen a few different sites that have different varieties of beer to pick from.  This would be a great present for any beer connoisseur, or just a guy who likes his beer!

Do you have any gift ideas that have been a hit with your special someone?